Practical Options Mastery 102

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Practical Options Mastery 102“Powerful, Powerful Options Resource that Anyone Who Claims to Really Want Options Trading Success Must Have. Even Us Pros”

The following Eleven Sections Below are individual reports that you will receive that can dramatically, and rapidly increase your options trading knowledge, understanding and abilities to overcome and succeed in your options trading.

Before you start learning any nitty gritty in options strategy you need to KNOW what’s possible. It’s funny. People think of options trading as something that can make a few extra thousand dollars per month or even an extra couple hundred thousand dollars extra a year. Why think so SMALL? It’s time to expand your horizons to SEE what Really Possible in Options Trading and BELIEVE, or at least start to believe that mid six, seven and eight figure incomes are possible with options in a very systematized way. “What You Can Believe You Can Achieve!”

“Teach me how to trade options for real so I know what I’m doing.” And you’re going to learn core ‘insider’ option trader secrets that only those who’ve been trading options for a long time can know. Continuing Advanced Options Education, Secrets, Tricks and Frame of Mind to actually succeed on a consistent basis in Options

Discover success by studying successful examples. Learn how to spot future large opportunities with options by studying past trading setups based on the charts. We look at chart pattern events and show you how you could have traded those setups with options, with various options strategies. This report is worth millions, literally. Once you study enough success you’ll be able to duplicate it!

Learn the various options combination such as straddles, spreads, covereds, nakeds, collars, condors, butterflies etc… and how to put one on for a trade.

Now knowing how to place an options strategy means nothing if you don’t know when and where to put in on. Practical application and secret strategies for taking advantage of all sorts of opportunities on the charts. Learn how to identify the proper strategy for opportunity off the price charts. This is an extremely valuable service that gets you into the insights of 5, 6 and 7 figure trades showing you combinations of options strategies and price chart triggers.

6. Basic Overlooked Options Trading Mechanics – Back and Fill, Order Placing Fundamentals and Timing

Oh, you may think this sounds boring, but if someone, us, can do a quick video or audio that can point out facts, fundamentals, definitions of terms (i.e. “Gamma – measures the ‘speed of speed’ of the option’s price change… How much and how quickly the stock needs to go to reach our option performance goals…). In other words – we get you the boring stuff and make it easy and fun to learn or re learn.

Price patterns and new price behaviors in stock call for different options strategies. See how to get creative to take advantage of stellar potential new moves. Creative strategies for extreme pivot points. Creative strategies for new high or new low breakouts. Creative strategies for putting your covered calls on steroids + gamma radiation. Creative combinations of options with price chart events. Extremely unique and valuable.

Millions upon Millions of dollars in Trading Lessons learned from trial and error, pain and pleasure, success and ignorance, brilliance and stupidity. If you… Read more…

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