Personal Trainer Course – Complete Sales Strategies

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Personal Trainer Course - Complete Sales StrategiesIt Is The Most Frustrating Thing For Many Personal Trainers And It Is The Reason That Most Leave The Fitness Industry Within Their 1st Year. Youll Need To Understand Personal Trainer Sales If You Want To Be Successful In The Industry You Love

“Over the past 10 years as a master personal trainer, I have developed a powerful process that guarantees personal trainer sales successand, as a fitness manager and teacher to the trainers I have coached hundreds of personal trainers to fitness career accomplishment.”

If youre lost in the world of Personal Training sales or if youve had some marginal success and youre ready to grow your business exponentially, then you have just found your secret weapon.

You may or may not have a Personal Training certification or a health sciences degree, but even if you do, there is one key element missing There is no Personal Training Sales: 101. Our Personal Trainer Course will ensure that you have the privileged information you need to achieve and then exceed your financial goals.

As a mentor to Personal Trainers in all stages of their careers, as a fitness manager to teams of Personal Trainers at high-end health clubs, and as a faculty representative to hundreds of Personal Trainers just joining the fitness industry, I have taught these principles and I have seen the results.

“Masterful Work! I just got ahold of the Personal Trainer Course: Complete Sales Strategy. David Bohmiller having many years of expertise in this area (being a former mentor/supervisor and later my Fitness Manager) has summed up a quick guide for new and veteran trainers looking for success and helpful methods to better their training business.

Over many years I have had the chance to learn these techniques in the initial interview process with potential clients and found results that are effective.

As a licensed and practicing Physical Therapist I endorse and support his work as a way to innovate and better the training profession.”

“When I first started in the fitness industry, gaining knowledge and skill of safe and effective health and fitness techniques was top priority for me. Surprisingly, sales was not a huge part of my first job.

When I moved onto a new and big corporate company, I had the experience and knowledge I needed to be a great Personal Trainer, but sales was the big unknown territory I needed to learn in order to survive and make money!

Fortunately for me, I took David Bohmillers sales training seminar before my first day at this new gym. I learned many valuable techniques in a small amount of time, and yes, like a dork, practiced speaking out loud to any friends and family members that would listen. Practicing was huge, because it gave me confidence and quick fall back lines in case I got nervous while talking in conversation.

Boh has been my mentor over the last two years and his knowledge and support has been invaluable to growing my Personal Training business. He helped me realize that having good skills as a Personal Trainer made selling Personal Training easier. His e-book Personal Trainer Course takes some of his most important teachings and places them in an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement format.”

“I first started personal training at Boston Sports Club in September 2006. Upon my arrival… Read more…

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