Performance Review Tips – Performance Appraisal Forms

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Performance Review Tips - Performance Appraisal FormsEmployee Performance Reviews can be one of the best tools to boost performance, improve morale and increase productivity … if they are done well.

But too often people just fill in the forms and wonder why they didn’t get the results they were looking for. Or, they are suddenly faced by an employee in tears, or who gets angry during their performance appraisal. Or, they have to deal with a poor performer. These everyday events can trip up the most experienced managers – and derail your whole performance review process unless you know what to do.

So, where do you find out how to conduct employee appraisals that work? Most resources on the market are full of complex theories or require expensive software. … And to make it worse they are only designed for big business – assuming massive human resource management departments and extensive administration staff to make the system run. Small business and most managers simply don’t have the time or the money to deal with employee performance appraisals that way. And a cut-down system just doesn’t match the needs of small business and small business owners.

One my areas of expertise was performance management and I implemented or improved the performance management systems in each workplace I worked with. How I would do that was work with each company to create the system that was right for them and their culture – train managers and their team members on performance reviews, and then sit with each manager as their personal coach during their first round of reviews.

Hundreds of performance reviews … trained thousands of people That means I have been part of literally many hundreds of reviews over the years and have trained a few thousand people. But I didn’t just teach, I also applied these same concepts to my team in HR and in once case I had a team of superb professionals, so I know what it is like to be afraid of some conversations and trying to juggle diaries to make time for performance reviews amongst your deadlines.

I’ve taught performance management … I’ve lived performance management … I’ve done performance management.

I have in-the-trenches hands on experience of employee evaluations – so know all the tips and tactics to make them work.

It was clear and easy to use. The recorded training sessions were a bonus and easy to listen to, Ingrid’s voice is not grating and it was good to have an Australian accent as well. It reduced my workload considerably.

The package was pretty comprehensive, the difficult areas of non-performance and change management advice was very good. It was particularly helpful to me as we were encountering problems with one of our staff and the advice on acting promptly especially in diligence really made us review management practices and how we could improve them by setting clear performance objectives, identify performance gaps and how to coach staff on improving.

It will save managers time and money, it is good value for money and if the advice is applied will probably save expensive HR mistakes being made. The practical advice on change management and difficult reviews will help those with minimal HR resources and help them recognise potential problems before they happen. It helps produce a professional sound framework in HR which is easyto follow and… Read more…

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