Penny Stocks Formula

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Penny Stocks FormulaGive me just a few minutes and I will show you how – no matter how frustrating things are for you today… no matter how “impossible” trading stocks for windfall profits might seem… no matter how bruising your losses in the past…

I can show you how to almost instantly make trading “penny stocks” into a home business that runs itself… even if you’ve never traded a stock in your life!

I can say this because in just a a few short years, I’ve perfected a system… heck, an unstoppable FORMULA… that makes trading the EASIEST windfall money grab you can imagine…

… a system that’s already taken people from the brink of bankruptcy… who were broke, desperate… maybe a matter of weeks from losing everything…

If you feel that this kind of transformation – from wondering whether you can even make trading work for you at all… to unshakable confidence in your ability to pull down double-digit gains each and every month – is something you need desperately…

In fact as a full-time trader (since 2006) and the former “brains” behind the small-cap stock trading floor at one of the country’s top brokers (you’d recognize the name)… I’ve had literally hundreds of would-be traders… at just about every level of experience you can imagine… ask me…

The good news is… I’ve been able to help these traders go from treading water… or being underwater in their performance… to levels of success most investors only get to dream about… and…

Here’s what this is all about: Without getting into a bunch of jargon, my proprietary trading is called “The Penny Stocks Formula” – and it’s been responsible for massive trading successes both for me and the few students I’ve taught it to.

More about that in just a minute – first let me share just a few of the incredible trading results I’ve personally gotten with this system!

Best Part: With just a handful of the kinds of trades I make almost every day with this system, I’ve quickly built up brokerage account balances most people take working LIFETIMES to match:

I’ve seen far too many investors getting eaten alive lately by “old school” strategies that just don’t work in this economy…

If you’re kicking yourself because you made a few mistakes – even if you’ve spent thousands (and lost thousands more due to bad trading advice) and you have no idea how you’ll ever dig yourself out, it’s not your fault you’re in financial hot water. Here’s why…

You might have run across some of these “fly by night” investment programs – you know, the “$97 miracles” you see advertised all over the Net these days…

They look great – lots of flashy graphics and hundreds of “review sites” on Google saying they’re a great buy… until you try them and they “mysteriously” drain your account dry.

Or maybe you’ve run across some of the “high end” coaching and mentoring programs that promise you incredible returns (and charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for the privilege of being a “member”)… but never seem to deliver you one thin dime. Read more…

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