Newspaper Advertising Secrets

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Newspaper Advertising SecretsNewspaper advertising will solve one of your most pressing problems – “How can I get more customers”… But you have to make your ad using tried and tested ‘insider’ advertising secrets.

Yes, there are newspaper advertising ‘secrets’ that are known to a small percentage of savvy business owners. By using these secrets to make your ad, you can easily triple the response you get to your newspaper advertising

But, before I tell you more, I want to reveal one of these secrets to you right now. Something that you can benefit from immediately.

You see, the newspaper employs a Graphic Artist to put the ads together. He has to make lots of ads. To save time he churns out these ads super-fast using standard templates that can be re-used again and again.

I mean, what does a Graphic Artist know about selling? All his training has been focused on art stuff and making the ads look good. His ads will just blend in with the rest of the newspaper and won’t catch the attention of prospective customers.

Let me put it like this. If you walk into an art gallery you’ll see lots of pretty paintings on the walls. None of them would immediately catch your attention.

But if one of those paintings was hanging crooked you would notice it as soon as you entered the room. It stands out from all the other paintings like a new car in a junk yard because it’s different.

Likewise, most newspaper advertising that you see is what is known as institutional advertising. It looks good in the newspaper. But It does a very poor job of getting you customers. And it’s the kind of ad that you’ll end up with if you let the newspaper or an ad agency make your ad.

Yes, I include ad agencies here because the stuff they pass off as advertising is attractive and often cute. But most ad agencies are more interested in winning awards for their ads rather than selling product.

And they get away with it because there isn’t any way for the business owner to measure how many sales resulted from an ad designed by an agency.

I’ve put together all my newspaper advertising secrets into a powerful course. This course will show you, step by step, everything you need to know to easily put together ads that pull customers in like bees to a honeypot.

It’s called ‘How To Create Great Newspaper Ads That Will Pull All The Customers You Will Ever Need’. It’s jam-packed with powerful insider newspaper advertising secrets and techniques.

You’ll find out how to easily create ads that will at least triple the response you get from your newspaper advertising — I guarantee it.

Creating your own newspaper ads is made very easy for you. You are taken through the 8 simple steps of creating a powerful ad with worksheets to guide your every move.

These worksheets are a wonderfully effective way for you to make your ads. Using them to guide you and my newspaper advertising secrets, you can put together newspaper advertising that will pull more sales and increase your bottom line profits better than any of your previous ads ever did.

Where was this book when I first started out in business? It would have saved… Read more…

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