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New Job? - Wily ManagerYou can’t afford to be casual about your transition; there’s just too much at stake. Success or failure during the transition period is a strong predictor of overall success or failure in the job.

Few leaders can be truly effective in making transitions if they are left entirely on their own. Organizations that adopt a ‘sink or swim’ approach introduce more risk of leaders not meeting expectations during their transition and beyond. In fact, studies suggest that forty percent of leaders going into new roles fail in their first eighteen months.

With a little planning, you can execute your leadership transition so you can start delivering results faster than anyone (including you) thought possible.

There is a huge difference between the leader who has a plan and the leader who figures it out as they go along. Those with a plan will deliver better results faster and will dramatically improve their chance of long-term success in the role.

Wily Manager’s Fast Start Program leads and supports you through the critical first 12 weeks in your new management position. You won’t have to figure it out as you go along – you’ll have a plan, right from the beginning.

It’s helpful to think of your transition as an ‘acceleration plan’, divided into three 30-day stages:

The First 30 – Your first 30 days is devoted to learning and building personal credibility, through planned discussions, interviews, and meetings.

The Second 30 – The second 30 days is spent fleshing out more detailed plans for accomplishing your key priorities.

The Third 30 – During the third 30 days you will deliver on some key early wins. You will also start creating a sense of urgency for the larger scale changes you have been planning, building your team, and communicating for buy-in.

Fast Start is presented in six sequential modules, leading you through the critical first 12 weeks on the job:

We know that you will be thrilled with Fast Start, but you should be aware that we offer a 60-day ‘no-hassle’ 100% refund policy. Think of it as a free trial. Sign up and work through the program for a few weeks. If you feel that Fast Start is not helping you to hit the ground running in your new leadership position, just let us know and we will cheerfully refund your money. You can even keep the materials you have already received, so there is absolutely no risk.

Click here to get started. You will be re-directed to a secure Clickbank page and immediately after payment will receive instructions to get going with Fast Start. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you can get started today.

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