New ebook publishing system focuses on market niches

Introduction by ebook's author:

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New ebook publishing system focuses on market nichesIf so, this site was created for you. As a retired magazine publisher and now eBook publisher, I have tried to design an eBook publishing system that will make you money quickly and easily

In general, this publishing system shows the futility of trying to publish into large market niches and the benefits of publishing into small niche markets. For example, we show you that although it sounds very reasonable on the surface to publish into a market like Flat Belly which has 201,000 unique visitors every month or a market like Love Spells with 165,000 unique visitors every month, these markets are unattainable for the beginner. Why! Because the competition is so high for all those eyeballs. We define this competition by the number of pages and the number of links it took the top five sites to attain the top five spots on Googles first page. The top five sites that are ranking high on Googles first page for the keywords Flat Belly and Love Spells have generated thousands of back links and in some cases built thousands of pages. The beginner has no chance at competing immediately.

By the way, if you are worried about building a micro-site watch the video below. A retiree recounts his experience with SightBuildIt the software we recommend you use with this eBook Publishing System.

Usually, you can use a lot of pages from the eBook you wrote as web pages. So within a few months you should be able to get three keywords that average 15,000 visitors a month ranking on the top two pages at Google. So, if only 20% of the people click on your url that is on the first two pages at Google, you should be averaging (3 keywords @ 15,000 each, times 20% = 9,000) 9000 unique visitors per month. If you follow the information on landing pages on this site, you should be immediately able to generate a conversion rate of one half of one percent or .5% or .005. That is, one visitor will buy your book out of every 200 that visit your site. You will improve on this conversion rate as you continually optimize your landing page. Professionals operate at conversion rates of 3%. None-the-less, you should be able to sell 45 books a month with 9,000 visitors and a .5% conversion rate. (9,000 times .005) If you charge $16.00 for your book you will make $720.00 (45 times $16.00) a month. I know, not even close to $1,000,000, but not bad for three months work. Pretty good when you consider this $720 per month will continue to be earned every month for years without you doing anything. This is one of the great attributes of this eBook Publishing System. Once you get the process going, you will continue to make money whether you work on your site or not.

Now if you continue building pages and back links, as outlined in this eBook Publishing System, you will eventually be able to compete with those sites getting first page placement for keyword niches with 165,000 visitors. Just think, if you are able to get 20% of 165,000 visitors to your site (20% of 165,000) is 33,000 visitors a month. Over time, using optimization techniques, you should be able to raise your conversion rate to 1%. Now you are selling (33,000 times 1%) 330 books a month. If you charge $16.00 for your book you will make $5,280.00 per month. Still not close to $1,000,000 per year. So, take some of the… Read more…

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