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New Cafe Start UpBack in the days when sales managers sat behind desks in a smoke-filled rooms, chewing on cigars with their shirt sleeves rolled up, there was a story of a budding young salesman that displayed the determination needed for anyone who considers themself an entrepreneur. It seems that the boss called the young man [...]

Before getting too far into the discussion of increasing traffic in your café/espresso bar remember that there are three hard and fast rules to marketing. * Rule Number One: No one avenue of marketing will drive traffic automatically to your door. It takes a combination of efforts from every possible source to increase sales. The [...]

The thought of opening your own café/espresso bar is often exciting. Whatever your reason for doing so, whether you love the art of the brew, the thought of being your own boss or when you believe you can do it better than is currently being offered in your locale, there are countless things to consider, [...]

If you are looking into purchasing an existing café you may find a great buy and save yourself a lot of startup costs and time. Be careful however. There may be a very good reason the current owner is willing to sell and it may be one you don’t want to get stuck with. Even [...]

The world’s most comprehensive coffee art movie. Matthew Gee and David Gee, demonstrate all the coffee art styles and designs in easy to Join the forum discussion on this post – (1) Posts

Matthew Gee and David Gee’s barista and cafe training system is now available to you on this membership site. Matt and Dave have owned a coffee roaster, four cafés, created the world’s first coffee art class, written one of the world’s first textbooks on Join the forum discussion on this post – (1) Posts

They recognize the fact that the longer a customer is in the store the more likely they will spend – and spend more! Disney deposits many of its rides directly into a gift shop. A large, high-end department store in Chicago, is three stories of product where customers must spend time going from one level [...]

Congratulations! You’ve been hired or already are a manager of a café/espresso bar. Now what? It’s a great position full of responsibility and potential, but… Recognise a couple of things up front and you’ll be better able to understand, and tolerate, your position. First of all, the business you are managing is probably [...]

For a small investment of just US$99 per year you will be able to gain access to all our training programs relating to correct espresso machine usage and cafe/espresso bar management.

Your journey starts here (Your initial charge will be US$99. You will then be charged US$99 per year until you cancel your membership. You may cancel your membership at any time.): Read more…

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