Never Run Out of CASH – Helping You Take Control of Your Cash : Philip Campbell

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Never Run Out of CASH - Helping You Take Control of Your Cash : Philip CampbellGet Philip’s blog feed FREE Privacy Policy: We will NEVER rent or sell your email address and you may remove yourself from this list at anytime you choose. Philip’s blog

You will learn the important questions. More importantly, you will learn how to answer them so that YOU never run out of cash.”

“This powerful, practical book gives you the key to business success. You learn the most important lessons of all to become wealthy.”

“Philip Campbell’s book shows you not only how to manage the dollars and cents of cash-flow, but also how to manage your attitude and beliefs about it…. something I’ve never seen anywhere else. If you want to learn how to finally solve your cash-flow problems – get this book now!”

I highly recommend that you follow Philip’s step-by-step process. It was so easy to do. It made all the difference for me. Now I’m finally back to having fun growing my business.” Ricky Hux, Owner and President Best Fit Solutions, LLC

“Never Run Out of Cash is a must read for anyone involved in business. Philip has written an easy-to-read guide with practical tips and strategies you can implement immediately.”

Everything in business ultimately comes down to how well you generate cash flow AND how well you manage to keep some of that cash in your company.

One of the biggest obstacles to winning in business is that so many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t really know what’s going on with their cash flow.

The good news is you’re not alone. I’ve been there before. In fact, almost everyone in business has been there at some point.

My passion is helping you put the structure and tools in place so the accounting and financial side of your business is strong and provides the insights you need to make money, improve cash flow, get access to capital, and grow successfully.

Read Philip Campbell’s Blog – It’s FREE. You will get a peek into my brain and quickly discover my passion for helping you get the accounting and financial side of your business under control. That’s one of the secrets to taking control of your cash flow. Get my blog posts sent directly to your email by clicking here.

FREE articles on managing cash flow – I have links to tons articles I have written as a contributor at Inc Magazine’s web site, the Business Resource Center (at The Business Bank of Texas), for newsletters, and for my blog. All focused on making your business a financial success. It’s all FREE.

Check out my book – the book is an easy-to-understand, here’s-exactly-how-you-do-it guide to taking control of your cash flow. The paperback version of Never Run Out of Cash is available here or at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The eBook version is available here or in the Kindle Version at Amazon and the Nook version at Barnes and Noble and at the iTunes store (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).

Check out my audio program – this is a condensed audio version of my book. It’s available on CD and is a great way to learn the my cash flow principles while you drive or just kick back and listen. You can get it here or at Amazon.

Check out my online webinar… Read more…

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