Mortgage Secrets for Real Estate Investors

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Mortgage Secrets for Real Estate InvestorsReal Estate Investors: “Are you struggling to pull together last minute garbage financing that will (at the very least) MURDER your profits?”

In a few seconds we’re going to talk about the secrets to financing your investment properties, but first I want to talk about something that isn’t a secret: the mortgage market is crazy right now. Banks are failing left and right and now even Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been taken over by the federal government. And who knows how the bail out will affect us.

You just have to know a little more than the average guy. And now that you’re here, that will be easy to do.

There are thousands (maybe even millions) of real estate investors that don’t know the first thing about financing. And that’s Ok, because in the past it was easy and you could usually rely on your broker. Those days are gone.

I am up so late because I couldn’t put your Mortgage Secrets for Real Estate Investors package down. It’s a wealth of information for me…

My name is Susan Lassiter-Lyons and I’m a real estate investor just like you. I’m also a former mortgage broker (that’s how I figured this stuff out.)

In my e-book, Mortgage Secrets for Real Estate Investors: How to Beat the Lenders at Their Own Game and Increase Your Profit on Every Real Estate Investment, I reveal literally 44 ways, “secrets” if you will, to get any deal done, in any market.

I cover eliminate all of these problems (and many, many more) in my Mortgage Secrets book. The book contains FACTS about investor mortgages and real-life case studies of investors just like you who had crazy deals that they were trying to finance. And we CLOSED EVERY SINGLE ONE.

If you truly do, then you MUST understand real estate finance. Financing is everything. It effects the exact number of dollars that you deposit in your bank account. It sometimes is the ONLY factor in determining whether you drive to the bank with a HUGE grin on your face or have to cower in your house when the bill collectors call.

And let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather focus on more fun stuff? I know this stuff can be a little boring but you spend a few hours listening to my Mortgage Secrets book, let me keep you up to date with all the latest secrets (free updates for life) and you’re off to the races. One step closer to firing your boss and joining the ranks of financially free.

I love your course! Since becoming a real estate investor this is the most useful information I have found yet. You didn’t leave anything out. Thanks!

I am amazed by how much you are sharing about how the industry works. Thanks for taking the time to write Mortgage Secrets for Real Estate Investors!

I saw the ad for your course and debated for a while whether it was worth purchasing because I thought perhaps, it would only give information that I already knew; however, it turns out that you are definitely providing information that I did not have all of the details on, and I’m very pleased that I finally made the decision to purchase, and, more importantly, the information that you are sharing is… Read more…

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