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ModernValueModernValue software is easy to use, easy to visualize, and ideal for beginners and experienced professionals! Sold Worldwide!

Not designed by an accountant! The difference is the logic and professional methods used by a well-practiced Commercial RE valuation expert. Examples of this difference:

ModernValue is your complete commercial real estate discounted cash flow valuation model software! In Excel, this model is sophisticated and smartly fine tuned. Plug your inputs into this smooth flowing logical model and it will give you the Cap Rate, Yield Rate, Discount Rate and more… all on one final easy-to-visualize screen! Color-coded inputs and flexible cells make it very functional for you! And you can easily follow the calculations. Designed by a professional appraiser and buyer of multi-tenant commercial real estate, this cash flow modeling solution has the best value analysis, ease of use, and overall presentation on-screen and on paper available!

Examples of this: 1) Specific roof repair in year three, 2) Specific downtime vacancy for six months including,

1) Income: Rent & Other Income Tenant list can be added to indefinitely – or as many rows that Excel will allow! Includes Reimbursement Income to owner and Other Income to owner (screenshot not shown).

Lenders are very interested in this chart – the timing and amounts of leases expiring. This chart shows the number of leases expiring, percentage by square foot expiring, and percentage by lease-dollars expiring – each year.

Often, it is expenses which are the most difficult to estimate, because good data is hard to get. But the included real-world expense numbers will help guide you! Here, you can compare apples-to-apples line-item expenses per-square foot to the range and median of typical office/retail in the U.S. market – based on my extensive research. Expenses are the primary numbers manipulated by sellers. It is hard to mis-represent leases – although vacancy and market rent is another story.

This is the big value overview!! This is where you see the final cash flow and your developed value based on your inputs of returns, growth rates, vacancy, tenanting costs, capital expenditures (major items like roof and parking lot repairs) and more! The return measures – Yield / IRR, Discount Rate, Cap Rate, Leveraged Yield – are automated and easy to visualize on 1 screen! You plug in only one of the returns and the software automates the others – so you can see them all.

This software was expertly-designed for practicality and professionalism. It is easy to use, offers great clarity with the number-input process – the valuation process, and prints excellent professional presentations! It is built to impress the most critical analyst and the visual executive. It will make you fully competent!

Graphs (fully automated) Two of four graphs presented below – first is cf without buy/sell, second is leveraged cf with buy/sell.

1) Management Expense Estimator Because applying a percentage of EGI for management expense is usually not accurate. This estimator is simple with its few variables.

2) NNN to Full Service Rent & Expense Reconcilers (for apples-to-apples comparisons of comparable rents & expenses) Because this analysis is quite confusing, these calculators were developed to clear up the confusion. You can change it to adjust Modified Net to FS or NNN, as well.

3) Comparable Nationwide Office/Retail Data – of Per-SF Expense Line-Items Typical range & medians of expenses per sf… Read more…

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