Membership Site Bible

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Membership Site BibleDiscover what thousands of hobbyists, blogers, authors, retirees, and soccer moms all across the world are discovering – Membership Websites are hot Hot HOT!

Building your continuity program is perhaps the most important foundational step to growing your online OR offline business. Turn your passion into a residual income stream that is automatic, easy to maintain, fun AND profitable.

You’ll instantly have access to information that will literally save you time, money, and hours upon hours of untold frustration.

If you’ve been sucked in by get rich quick schemes you are not alone. Fancy writing by high paid copywriters make it seem like riches are just around the corner. Let me be honest with you. There are no magic programs. But, if you are a serious individual who wants to sell your knowledge online, I know of few other opportunities that are as easy, rewarding, and fun as running your own membership website. I should know – I run and it has changed my business life! If you doubt the power of Membership Websites, take a look at some of the websites mention here.

These exclusive interviews with industry leaders will help to inspire you and help to transform your dream into a reality. Put them on a CD, put them in you iPod, listen while surfing or while building your next Membership Website.

I close 5 figure deals with this gem in as little as 10 minutes. If you have clients who could benefit from a membership site you need this tool. This PPT is my strategic weapon for EDUCATING, EXCITING and CLOSING leads.

This excel spreadsheet set will allow you to look at your pricing models, retention rates, product sales, growth rate and more. Plug in your projections and this amazing calculator will instantly show you your monthly and annual income. Figure out your breakeven point. Estimate backend sales. Optimize for maximum retention.

Starting and running a successful online (or offline) business without a continuity program is HARD!

There, I said it. It’s the truth and anyone who has a business knows that it is the truth. If you are constantly having to start over with new buyers everyday – that gets old very quickly. And I should know. When I tell you that it’s hard work, I’m speaking from experience.

This simply means that you have a program that sells information or services on a continual repeat basis. A magazine subscription is a continuity program as is a CD of the Month Club. Built-in repeat customers is the golden goose laying egg of marketing and every one from AT&T to Xerox has one.

Introducing “Membership Site Bible”: A Step-By-Step, 12-Week Training Program For Starting And Growing a Profitable Membership Site!

Membership Site Bible to was eveloped to teach you how to sell your smarts and take your brain to the bank. You will learn the best niche for YOU to be involved in and how to quickly create content that people will line up to pay for.

I’m delievering this edition of Membership Site Bible, the New Testament as weekly classes in bite size chunks that ar highly actionable. You READ, you DO, you SUCCEDE

And this Fixed Term Membership (FTM) class is ANOTHER great way to take years of knowledge and make it available to… Read more…

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