MaxEDD Forex Profit Optimizer – v2.1

Introduction by ebook's author:

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MaxEDD Forex Profit Optimizer - v2.1“Closing winning trades during 21 months is not luck; it is the result of having a solid strategy you can trust!”

Let me show you how MaxEDD converts a mini account of $250 into $3,202.63 with extremely low risk after optimizing the trading parameters of a given Forex Robot on the MetaTrader 4 platform:

Here you will find the monthly statements provided by Alpari UK for 21 months of activity, which demonstrate MaxEDD’s proven track record of secure trading:

No problem at all… I was skeptical too… I know that nowadays you can’t trust just anyone offering these AMAZING RESULTS when it comes to Forex Trading because the market is full of scams… Thus, I will show you something that no one else is willing to disclose:

I’ve gone the extra mile to show you how I achieve these impressive profits: I’ll show you my own trading account, which will disclose the actual trades I do every day and how many pips I do per trade.

Yes, this is the Ultimate Proof. This proof will show you how powerful MaxEDD is, and how simple it is for you now to start making your first winning trades!

Uriel Katz, an authority on Forex Robot Testing and Live Comparison, unveils an unorthodox Forex Robot Auditor and Optimizer that…

In a moment, I will show you how to pocket more pips per trade without worrying about “losing it all” because you overlooked something “basic”… However, you don’t have to feel bad… most traders, except for very skilled ones, know how to achieve this. In fact, I’ve recruited a cutting-edge advisor who wants to partner with you to audit every trade, every day and make sure you come out ahead. You don’t have to be experienced, rich or smart to hire my “advisor” – he works for nothing and never sleeps. You’ll never have to explain a bad day of trading to anyone ever again.. You’ll never look like a loser because you missed a winning trade or picked a fickle EA. Finally, you will have a loyal friend in the Forex foxhole watching your back.

The devil in your trade is an insidious, guerilla insurgent threatening to hijack your profits. The worst part is that your trading robot might be an accomplice – *RISK*. Managed correctly, risk is your friend. But if you take your eyes off it for an instant, it will ravage your trade and leave you staring at a gaping hole in your trading account. Here’s why this happens…

Traders buy robots to make money. They watch their robots follow the rules and chase the pips. At first, the robot “looks like” it’s doing its job. It’s performing exactly as you expected. Then something happens… the market turns… and the trade goes into loss territory… the robot tries to recover but it seems to be stuck in the mud. You try to intervene but it’s too late. Sometimes you catch the problem before it turns into a bloodbath… but most times you don’t.

Unknown to you, your robot has been set to hijack your trades from the start. The clues are in your Metatrader data – but are completely invisible to you! Most robots on the market have this hidden risk defect but now you can uncover this ticking bomb before it destroys your trading… Read more…

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