Massage Therapy Marketing Success

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Massage Therapy Marketing SuccessIf you have ever wanted to get more clients in your massage therapy business and keep them coming back, you’ll find everything here you need to build your massage therapy business easily and quickly.

Gaining new and regular referring clients is all about marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had no experience in marketing your practice before, this site was created for you to learn, take advantage of our fabulous resources and, more importantly, help you get more clients, more often.

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As Massage Therapists we can become afraid of what we hear on the news about the global economy. And when we hear stories of doom and gloom, the first thing we want to stop doing is marketing. Regardless of what is happening in the world, many of our clients have not lost jobs or financial security. In fact many people’s situations have not changed one bit. And they’re the people to focus on.

If your massage business does drop off a little, then marketing is even more important. People still need to know you are still around, still offering the great service you always have and are there for them.

The danger is when you make the decision not to market yourself. You, as a sole trader, or clinic owner with staff, need to keep marketing regardless of what’s going on in the world. This danger is when you find that the marketing ceases and soon, so will the new clients coming in.

It’s not good practice to only rely on one marketing strategy. You really do need to have all your eggs in one basket, so to speak, when it comes to marketing avenues. Your marketing of your massage practice will work far more effectively if you rely on a few different sources. If there is a drop off in clients at the moment, do not panic, it just means you have an opportunity to increase your marketing sources.

In times of economic depression your success as a massage therapist depends on your persistence. Persistence means you ask “what other avenues can I market to?” perhaps you could do another break down of your target market and find some sub-markets in the mix of your clients than may become a good group of people to market to. Ask yourself this simple question: “Which of my clients might represent another group of people that would become clients?”

Your success depends on your persistence in your marketing and drive to find other opportunities that might be waiting for you to discover. Sometimes life presents you with things that enable flourishing through well planned targeted marketing. By performing with power and visibility when all you hear are words like “Depression” you will continue to attract clients who have faith and confidence in you. Take this chance to position yourself even stronger.

In Part One of this article we discussed how this economic situation can be a great opportunity for you to gain strength, find other target markets you may not have been tapping into yet, and how persistence can increase confidence from your clients. Here are seven ways you can keep attracting more clients… Read more…

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