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MarketXfactorWith proper use, MarketXfactor can give you a unique way to measure the strength and weakness of the overall market in real time.

Back then I did a lot studying of the markets and I noticed that whenever the market was up for the day the market internals would have a certain ratio. I thought about it a lot then did a few calculations on the correlation coefficient of the market internals to price. The correlation was high based on my sample data and I knew that I had discovered something important about the market because you could tell when the markets were strong or weak and if there was ‘real’ buying or ‘real’ selling based on certain divergences in MarketXfactor.

I studied the results over many years and learned to ‘read’ the MarketXfactor signals. It isn’t just the signals that’s important but how you ‘read’ them as well. I am releasing it now becuase I think it’s more important than ever for small traders to have an edge in this crazy market.” -David Vallieres

After extensive real-world testing I am releasing the MarketXfactor(tm) code for the ThinkorSwim platform as well as for TradeStation.

MarketXfactor is unlike any other indicator available because it is not based on a moving average of prices – it is based on the actual buying and selling and market forces based on the markets own internals – the volume and the number issues being traded at any one time – in a proprietary formula that is not ‘averaged’ but recorded on your screen in real-time.

You will be able to tell if the market is making a false move higher based on MarketXfactor, or a false move lower. You will be able to, in a single glance, determine if the market is truly oversold or overbought… *really* oversold or overbought and who is in charge- buyers or sellers. So it is not based on a moving average of anything… it is raw data based on current market internals that allows you to find correlations and divergences between price and the strength of buyers or sellers at any time.

I have not been a big fan of indicators based on moving averages but I do use them sometimes as confirmation of the signals I receive from MarketXfactor, so you can continue to use them at the same time as MarketXfactor to confirm your short-term market outlook. By The indicators I am referring to are the RSI, stochastics, MACD, MA’s etc. The problem I have with most ‘price’ indicators is that they only correlate to price and not to the underlying conditions in which price is being driven higher or lower.

MarketXfactor correlates to the underlying conditions (buying and selling) in which price is being driven higher or lower. This is an important difference between tradinitoonal indicators and MarketXfactor. Also MarketXfactor does not smooth the data… the output is raw data using our formula based on market internals.

A recent article in a popular trading magazine (Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, May 2009, Pg 48, Bulkowski) proved that popular price indicators, chart patterns and moving averages of price are 50% less effective now than they were just 10 years ago.

I believe the reason for this change in effectiveness is because of the large amount of program and computerized… Read more…

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