Marketing Secrets and Advertising Secrets – Long Lost Marketing Secrets

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Marketing Secrets and Advertising Secrets - Long Lost Marketing Secrets“The Amazing Story of How One Tiny Idea on Page 15 of a 66-Year Old Manuscript Made Me An Extra $16,778.39 In Just One Week… And Put Me on The Road To Building A $1,213,578.97 Business”

Discover How You Can Get This Exact Same Long-Lost (and Nearly Forgotten) Resource for Yourself – Plus 3 Others, to Outsmart, Outwit and Outpace Any Competitors

Not even twelve months ago I was struggling. Struggling even to make ends meet. I had a king-size mortgage round my neck; I was overdrawn at the bank, and had credit cards all maxed-out. What a mess!

I’d started a fledgling business to add to my existing business but things were going so slow. Too slow for me to get out of my money troubles.

Then a chance meeting with a marketing expert proved to be a significant turning point. I explained to him what my problems were and he suggested that I got hold of a copy of a little known marketing manuscript that he had used. The very book that he has consistently used to good effect.

He raved about the simplicity of this book, written over a half-century ago, and how the proven words and phrases still worked like magic in today’s markets.

So, I immediately schlepped off to my downtown book store to order a copy. You can imagine my shock and horror when they explained to me that this book had been out of print for over 50 years.

I thought I’m sure to get a copy on Amazon or some other on-line bookstore. I looked and I searched and I just couldn’t find a copy – anywhere.

Then I tried one more site,, and found it, (or so I thought). However, when the confirmation came through, it was an error and it wasn’t available after all. What a disappointment! I couldn’t believe it – (I even saved a copy of those e-mails, click here and here to see them)

It’s a 9 Part e-mail Course sent out to you every other day. You’ll Discover little-known, and long lost secrets that all the top Marketers use. Secrets that they don’t want you to know.

Your first lesson will be delivered to your e-mail box instantly. In this course you will get lots of ideas, tips, and strategies guaranteed to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

And much, much more…. This ecourse is a huge treasure trove of hints, tips, and resources for your exclusive benefit.

Your privacy is respected. So don’t worry – your email address is totally secure. Your details will never be passed on or sold to a third party.

Later that week I got back in touch with my marketing expert friend and explained to him that I tried and tried to find this elusive book but to no avail.

He just laughed at me and explained that I would have difficulty finding it anywhere, and others like it.

I guess he just wanted to see how determined I was to get hold of a copy. But I was very determined. In the end I suggested that he loan me his copy on the proviso that I absolutely promise to return it.

But not only was this book hard to get hold of, I spent a considerable amount of time attaining the… Read more…

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