Marketing Plan Template – Workbook with free sample Marketing plan

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Marketing Plan Template - Workbook with free sample Marketing planThe free sample marketing plan has a plethora of headings you might find useful AND, for essential marketing plan content, the Marketing Plan Workbook includes a:

If you are a marketing student, studying marketing planning and strategy, the free marketing plan example will be a perfect marketing plan template for you to use… PLEASE do NOT plagiarise… you won’t be the first and this is too distinctively superior to not be noticed by your lecturers. However, it is an ideal sample marketing plan for a university student to use as a template, NOT to copy. Remember, marketing plans are INTERNAL documents and should not contain information the company already knows, only that which needs to be highlighted to reinforce your business case.

Don’t wait, download this versatile and comprehensive Marketing Plan Workbook, ready to go in Excel format, with added FREE Sample Marketing Plan, for just A$49.95 inc. GST.

“After writing almost 30 marketing plans over the past 30 years I thought I knew how to write marketing plans – this workbook showed me a thing or two!” – David, Marketing VP, Global Pharmaceutical company

“I’m going to introduce use of this marketing planning workbook universally across all divisions of my bank!” – Rizvi, Senior Executive of Leading Asian Bank after trying the Marketing Planning Workbook.

Are you experienced at writing marketing plans? Have you written one or two marketing plans but know they could have been more complete, better, more accurate?

This Marketing Planning Template helps you GRAISE… Identify the real issues, explore all the smart opportunities, identify the best strategies, and map out a cohesive and integrated marketing action program.

This marketing planning template creates marketing plans that help marketing management achieve marketing objectives by building G.R.A.I.S.E!

It’s a marketing plan workbook, in Excel format, that works like a guide to writing relevant and appropriate marketing plans.

Better than a marketing planning template, and worth thousands due to its real, commercial value, it is available for a nominal hand full of dollars below…

A cursory glance might evoke a response. “So what, another Excel workbook!”… UNTIL you use it! Then you’ll agree this is POWERFUL stuff!

One senior marketing executive with a leading Asian Telco, said, “This is so good, I’m introducing is as compulsory in our corporation as soon as I get back to the office!”

So if you’re a marketing professional, of any description, you’d be wise to grab this very useful marketing planning tool for the next marketing plan you write, and see just how good it really is in helping write a great marketing plan.

Don’t be tempted by a marketing plan template, free business plans, any marketing planning software… to write a valid marketing plan, the LE Marketing Planning Workbook with sample marketing plan, is ‘worth its weight in gold’.

If you pride yourself as an extraordinary marketing plan writer, you WILL find this tool enormously helpful in improving your planning focus

Using this tool, you’ll be able to develop a ‘how to’ manual that lays out each step of getting EXACTLY what you want to have happen.

This is the Ultimate Marketing Planning Workbook: It contains practical, applicable and universal tools for marketing planning experts and business executives alike to comprehensively collate necessary information for a… Read more…

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