Marketing For Construction, Marketing For Architects

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Marketing For Construction, Marketing For ArchitectsAnnouncing A New Ground-Breaking eBook Revealing Time Tested Secrets Of Marketing For The Construction Industry. Based On Years Of Experience, This eBook Will Transform Your Business In 1 Day! Steve Flashman has personally delivered £$Millions Worth of Business To The Construction Industry

I honestly never thought the day would come when I would give up a secure and healthy salary and go “self employed” to publish an eBook on Marketing For Construction! Over the last seven years I have worked as a Marketing Consultant and New Business Manager with a UK based Building Contractor and have an established role within the industry with a proven track record. I am now working with the same company as a Consultant, but spend most of my time supporting Business Development with Construction Professionals across the UK.

So why would I do that? I have a home and family to support and a mortgage to pay like most other people. Some friends think I’m crazy! I am doing this because everyone I talk to in the industry is crying out for marketing resources that are tried and tested and that can bring a competitive advantage to their business.

The industry is suffering right now because of the economic downturn. House Builders are suffering most and this has a knock on effect in all other areas of the industry. Architects, Surveyors, Small Family Businesses, Large Construction Companies, Developers – the list goes on.

Based on my own experience, not just in marketing, but in various forms of media, I have written a 50,000 word eBook/Manual packed with powerful and proven marketing tips designed specifically for the construction marketplace. Some of the information will surprise you! It is totally scary the way professionals in the industry seem to miss basic principles of winning new business.

My “Marketing For Construction” eBook is written with the UK and USA construction markets in mind and can be in your hands in the next 5 minutes.

How much should I charge for information that could turn a business around? How much would you pay if you knew that by implementing proven techniques and strategies, you could re-vitalise your business and gain an advantage over the competition?

If you are fortunate enough to employ marketing staff, this eBook will prove an indispensable resource manual for their Continuous Professional Development. (I am a CPD Registered Trainer). If you are a small practice you may hire outside help or “do-it-yourself”! Now, for the first time, you can have a Marketing Resource eManual for a fraction of the DAILY COST of a consultant!

Social Networks are all about Building Relationships. Any business can prosper once the principles are put in place. Whether you are a Facebook fan or not, the plain truth is that many construction businesses are seeing the benefits of social networking as a way of driving traffic to their websites, building relationships with potential clients and keeping in contact with current clients.

Blogging creates business! There is no doubt about it. If you set up an effective Blog with good content and include ‘backlinks’ to your business website, Google will love you!

Blogs can be great as a social network medium too, or simply to pass on information to colleagues. If you’ve never been into blogging, this book with sell you the… Read more…

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