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Market My Home BusinessWhen I first started my home business I knew that marketing was important, but I didn’t realize just how important it was until I didn’t see clients, sales, and business coming in hand-over-fist like I had expected. Sound familiar? I know. I have been right where you are.

Believe me. I know first-hand what it is like to struggle marketing a home business. I wasted thousands of dollars on various types of online and offline marketing and had very little to show for it.

As a home business owner, the one thing that will make your business strive or barely survive is your marketing. Without marketing, your business is dead in the water. For those of you who do market using traditional methods know first-hand how expensive it gets. Methods like:

Think about it. When you are searching for a plumber, lawn care company, photographer, business consultant, a business opportunity, or even a local auto body shop, where do you go?

Years ago, you would have pulled out your phone book and thumbed through your local Yellow Pages. But now of course, you go to the Internet.

If you are not properly positioned online, you will never be found. But those who are using the methods you will soon learn about in any local or National business are really cleaning up and making money.

The bottom line is that you have to position yourself exactly where people can find you when they are searching for your specific product, business, opportunity, or service online. Because if you don’t, your competitor is – or soon will be.

Photographer, Consultant, Lawn Care Provider, Plumber, Tutor, Handyman, Carpet Cleaner, Garage Door Installer, Patio Builder, Interior Decorator, Painter, or offer any other type of service?

Or do you sell products, or offer a business opportunity, or make money in another industry such as…

Blogging, Internet Marketing, Scrapbooking, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing/MLM, Direct Sales, Design & Sell Jewelry, Bake & Sell Cakes, Make & Sell Homemade Dog Treats, Create & Sell Crafts, or one of thousands of other types of businesses run from home?

The bottom line is that this type of marketing will work for any home business – no matter what types of products, services, or business you offer.

There are hundreds, even thousands (or more) different search terms and phrases that people are typing into Google each and every single day looking for exactly what you offer.

However, if you are not correctly positioned to take advantage of all of this 100% FREE traffic, you are missing out on something that can completely transform your business… and bank account.

Take the above for example. This is a website/blog that I launched in January 2009 in a specific niche and has received over 1.5 million visitors. What would that type of traffic mean to your business?

And as far as how people are finding this blog, 99% of the traffic is 100% FREE traffic through the search engines, mainly Google. In fact, 1.2 million visitors came in as a result of over 460,000 different search terms or search phrases.

Where I am going with all this is that the typical searches you ‘think‘ people are doing to find your particular product or service is only the tip of the iceberg. The real traffic, especially the “buyer” traffic comes from long-tail keywords or… Read more…

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