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Manage That ProjectThanks for visiting Manage That Project. The aim of this site is to provide Project Managers with interesting and thought provoking articles about Project Management, and to give you the skills and ammunition to address the issues and challenges we face each day. Hopefully there will be something here that can help you with your project.

Our latest article is actually a set of 2 articles on leadership. Both are based on a chapter in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the book that sparked “The Secret” phenomenon! In his 20 years of interviewing the most successful men and women in America, Hill determined the attributes that he believed most contributed to the success or failure of a leader

Our first article looks at the 11 attributes of a successful leader, and relate them to leadership and project management success in the 21st century. Our 2nd article looks at the 10 major causes of failure in leadership.

We have articles available on a range of project management issues such as stakeholder management, leadership, risk management, project management skills, and decision making. Here are just some of the titles we have available:

It basically explains what project management is (and isn’t), what skills you need to be a successful project manager, and what the basics or foundations of project management are. And it contains everything you need to know to start increasing your skills today. It also contains valuable templates you can start using right now.

Back in the 1920′s, Robert L. Taylor, former Governor of Tennessee, commissioned Napoleon Hill to write “success stories” about famous men for his magazine. Hill’s first assignment was to interview one of the richest men in the world, the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie.

Carnegie had embraced the thought that with a little bit of endeavour even the common man could easily unlock the key to the secret of personal success – he considered that achieving personal success was quite simple and required primarily loads of common sense. During the interview with Napoleon Hill, Carnegie was so impressed by his hard work and commitment that he gave him an assignment – Napoleon was asked to interview 500 of America’s rich and famous people and find out what was it about their personality that made them successful.

Carnegie armed Napoleon with his personal letters of introduction to these rich and famous people. What followed was 20 years of interviewing successful men and women including Henry Ford, Thomas A Edison, John D Rockefeller, William Wrigley, William Taft, F W Woolworth, John Burroughs and Dr Alexander Graham Bell, but it was these interviews and their analyses that changed the way Napoleon looked at life. Both he and Carnegie referred to the interviews’ results as the “Philosophy of Achievement”, and both men were of the opinion that even the common man, if he knew what it was about personality that made men successful, could easily find success on his own strength, and by tweaking and fine-tuning his personality.

The Law of Success course is basically a how-to manual of the skills and qualities required to become successful in whatever field one works. It is particularly relevant for those who achieve their success through the work of others.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu is well known as one of the most respected military strategies… Read more…

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