Making Stock Trading Simple

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Making Stock Trading SimpleIt may seem daunting. You may think: “I know how to balance my checkbook all right, but…stocks? Options? Me? In the stock market? That’s just gambling! I’ll lose all my money!”

Gambling is when you give up your money in hopes of winning some back based on PURE LUCK. This is not what you’ll be doing. Shannon and her proven expertise will personally guide you, the beginner investor, through 7 recorded online sessions, each at least 1 hour long, to make sure you understand the nuts and bolts of her 4-step program so you can start making money and make NO MISTAKES.

Imagine that. You’re very own personal trading guru giving you the formula and steps you need to make it big trading in the market.

So maybe you fiddled a bit in the market a while ago but never did well enough and decided you just may not be cut out for it. But, deep inside, you KNOW you could do better, you WANT to do better if you could JUST KNOW HOW.

Shannon has students just like you too and they have turned their life around by learning the principles laid out easily in this course. Take a look at how a student made $13,000 in 6 days and $5,000 within 48 hours using Shannon’s 4-step process:

Beginner? Experienced? It doesn’t matter! ANYONE can learn to make money in the stock market and you don’t have to break the bank doing so!

When you think of really successful people (think of Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump), chances are they’ve worked with someone who has already achieved the goals they want.

Being mentored or coached by someone who has Been there, done that can mean all the difference in the world in eliminating years off your learning curve and get your results quicker. Studies show a 60% faster learning curve is achieved with this method. It does not get better than hearing it from the horse’s mouth. …well, in this case, our very own trading guru!

Shannon’s coach, who makes well over $1,000,000 per year, trained her on stock and options trading. She learned from one of the best, has benefited enormously from her learning, and now wants to share her success with you.

Shannon explains how she went from having just an interest in stocks and options to making a handsome living out of it and turning that experience into an easy-to-understand program:

““I am a proud mother of 2 kids and have been married for 19 years. I hold two black belts in Taekwondo and Hapkido and have the luxury of teaching these martial arts to others. My life is centered around my family, and I also love to trade stocks and options in the markets. Not many women seem interested in trading, but I am! When I started trading stocks and options, I really needed some major help. There weren’t a lot of courses out there that offered good beginner’s information that could really get me going. I felt like I was starting in the middle somewhere only to fail and try to figure it out again. A lot of places you go to get help assume you have some kind of prior knowledge before you come to them for some education. I began to educate myself and learn the ins and… Read more…

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