Low Cost Mutual Funds and ETFs

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Low Cost Mutual Funds and ETFsSome might say: “Sure this is what I would save, but when I spend more, I will earn higher returns.”

“Simply put, if you pay higher bond mutual fund fees, then these higher bond management expenses tend just to be a “deadweight” loss to you. … Combined, 109 of these 111 comparisons in these four studies indicated that higher bond expenses meant lower returns to investors.” (pages 181-182)

“(This) leads us to estimate the annual under-performance of the broker-sold funds at $4.6 billion dollars… This under-performance is before the payment of $9.8 billion in 12b-1 fees … and the payment of other distribution fees such as loads.” (page 174, on Bergstresser, et. al.)

“Furthermore, the inferiority of active strategies is not just a US phenomenon. Uniformly across the various countries that have SPIVA reports available on line, when the time horizon increases active strategies are increasingly inferior.” (page 232, on Standard and Poors’ SPIVA research reports)

“My goal is to increase your knowledge and improve your ability to manage your own financial affairs.”

“My goal is to increase your knowledge and improve your ability to manage your own personal finance and investing affairs.”

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THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, FOR THIS WEBSITE, INCLUDING NO WARRANTY FOR MERCHANTABILITY AND NO WARRANTY FOR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This website’s articles may report on publicly available information and on published research, and this website may also express opinions. No information in any of these public sources, research studies, and opinions have been verified. There could be errors with this information and in the opinions that are expressed. It is solely your responsibility to verify all information before investing or making any other personal financial decision of any kind. We have absolutely no responsibility whatsoever concerning what you do with the information you find here.

You are hereby notified that Lawrence Russell and Company is a personal financial planning services provider and a registered investment adviser in the State of California. As an entirely separate part of its business from this website, Lawrence Russell and Company provides comprehensive, independent, and individually customized financial planning and investment advisory services to clients solely through signed fee-only contracts. These personalized advisory services are only available through individually negotiated contracts, which must be signed by both parties. These customized advisory contracts specify the scope of services, deliverables, and fees. Your… Read more…

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