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Lottery PhenomenonMysterious Guy Discovers a Secret to “Manipulating” the Universe & Wins the Lottery Jackpot in Less than 2 Months…

Important Message: You’re about to discovery the story that will shake your traditional beliefs and make you feel that everything you know about lotteries is just child’s play. If you have ever dreamed seriously ( I mean very seriously) about winning the lottery and changing your life, this is the ideal page you must read… in it’s full entirety.

Moreover, this $82 million Jackpot guy exemplifies the exact thing I’m about to reveal to you today. Click play to watch the 2 minute video (purely amazing):

Simple math will demonstrate that I have won about $10.1 mils in just 3 short months and all these with the help of ….UNIVERSE (yeah, you read that right. It’s the thing that is above us all and makes things happen. All you have to do is to ask for it)

I’m not here to waste your time and hopefully you won’t waste mine. If you feel that you cannot handle the truth or all the things that I’m about to reveal to you today …or you’re just old fashioned and you like struggling with lottery patterns or formulas and working your way up…THEN THIS MESSAGE IS NOT FOR YOU. Leave the page and let another person who wants to win easy money with close to zero financial investment…

If you still are on this page it means that you’re interested in discovering everything, and more importantly putting it on your own use.

“I don’t want to be the rooster that takes credit for the down” …it is a quote that Michael Douglas said in “Wall Street 2″ and I liked it very much…

Exactly my point here… I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging or being too boastful. Why should I do this? I changed my life in a way that I’d never imagined otherwise and I managed to change other lives, too. Here are some real life examples of regular people like you:

Everything started in March 2010. At that time I was working at an auto repair shop. I was doing relatively well financially, but it was not enough for me to fulfill my wildest dreams. I was playing lottery only once in a while. It was more for fun then. Actually I never dreamed that I would win the lottery…

His name was John S. He was my dear workmate and for some people he was an odd type of individual. For me he was at very interesting guy. I especially liked him when he was talking about the Universe and how everything is connected and how you can attract things simply with the power of thought (btw, I hope you have seen the movie “The Secret”) . (picture with the guy.)

“Walter, think of 3 numbers from 1 to 50…but please don’t tell me what you have chosen. Just go to the restroom, write them down, pack the paper up, and put it on your wallet so you make sure I won’t see them. Tomorrow I will try to see if I can guess your numbers.”

Of course, I said “Get out of here”. It was impossible for me to think that this is likely to happen. Anyway, out of curiosity (and I’m glad… Read more…

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