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Learning and Managing Social Media for Consultants - Social Media Guide BooksThere are many social media platforms on the Internet – too numerous to count. Not all of them are going to be beneficial to you and your business. In order to use social media successfully, it is important to identify and use the platforms that will have the greatest reach and the greatest impact.

In 2005, social media as we know it today was in its infancy. When I started my business back then, I dedicated most of my time marketing and selling my consulting services to potential clients using traditional forms of outreach such as cold calls and direct mail. Those methods met with more resistance than acceptance.

When I discovered social media, it changed my entire view of marketing. Rather than “pushing” myself on to people who I thought needed my services, I was now able to “pull” them towards me and demonstrate how I can be of service to them by providing value to their business. Better yet, I was able to leverage many of social media’s features to identify people and key decision makers in industries I wished to serve.

Among those numbers are your customers. In business, you should be where your customers are. With social media, you can by specifically identifying and singling out the people you wish to do business with.

It goes without saying. If people don’t know who you are and how you can provide value to them, success will be hard to come by. Social media has the ability to open up many doors for you and your business.

We set up a Facebook Page but didn’t know much about how to use it until (Social Media for Consultants). Within 6 weeks we had over 500 people join our Page and collected over $4,000 in donations!

If using social media was able to make this much of an impact for this organization, imagine what it can do for you and your business.

This book takes the confusion out of social media and shows you how to leverage the three most popular platforms – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – to create a presence, develop a brand and position you as a thoughtleader in your respective field.

Download Social Media for Consultants and use it for 60 days. If you don’t find it puts you on the path to leveraging social media as part of your marketing mix for your consulting business, contact us for a full refund.

Put Social Media for Consultants to the test. Apply the lessons learned and allow me to check your work and offer some advice along the way specific to your consulting business. For every e-book purchased, I will personally devote up to 1 hour of my time to critique your social media accounts… FREE.

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