Learn Forex with Abe Cofnas

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Learn Forex with Abe CofnasAre You listed among the 90% Traders who lose money Trading Forex in “FEAR” of failure, Discover “HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR TRADING FEAR” To Join the 10% That Wins…

Abe Cofnas is THE Forex Guru, President and Founder of Learn4xi.com. Since 1999, Abe has presented his unique approach of training individuals to trade Forex. Abe’s technique integrates fundamental and technical analysis with the state-of-art instructional tools which enable successful self-paced learning. Using tested methodologies from several fields, Abe Cofnas provides a worldwide audience with analysis & insight to the movements of the Forex market. It is therefore not surprising to affirm that Abe was selected as the first Forex trader columnist for “Futures” Magazine.

Live one-on-one mentoring with Abe Cofnas is expensive & time consuming…only a few students can afford. Abe coaches his students through a dedicated medium of digital videos. Abe’s Ready-To-Go program is structured in an easy step-by-step process & in just a few hours you can start making winning trades (PIPS)! Abe’s Ready-To-Go video program provides Forex Training that will make you into a Professional Trader. With this program, you will be inundated with information on how to plan trades, how to avoid losing and how to make the transition from novice to professional Forex trader and much more. Once you have mastered the techniques of trading, you will be able to generate wealth.

Professional traders use this technique to predict the future movements of the currency prices, in accordance with the economic and even political situation of the world, in particular the countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan & China.

With this understanding, good traders can predict the sudden changes in the trading market, that may occur after any important news is released about an economic situation. Knowing the effect of the news on the price, will only help you to capture the proper position and build your cash cow. Without this knowledge, you willonly end up guessing!

Fundamental analysis involves analyzing the value of a nation’s currency based upon macroeconomic indicators, central bank actions and political affairs. Based on Technical Analysis a Forex Trader can predict market changes. Abe’s program teaches how to use Technical Analysis to provide key information on the most popular and widely used Forex technical indicators. Traders will see comprehensive examples of how technical indicators generate trading signals, examples of trading strategies and also explain information that can be observed about the conditions of the market.

With technical analysis, you can also predict the direction of price using price chart analysis & special tools that are called indicators, like for example the Moving Average Based Indicators, Volatility Based Indicators, Ranging Indicators & Oscillators. Abe Cofnas ensures the structure is simple to understand and you can watch the video over and over again till you get it right.”

Trading Strategies, you will trade using breakout, retracement strategies based on price action, exact entry & exit levels.

Watch Abe Cofnas trade market conditions, which will build your confidence level and develop your own trading style.

Q. Can I start trading part-time while working full-time? A. This is highly recommended before committing to full time trading. We have many successful members that started trading part-time and were able to quit their daytime job, and become full time Forex traders with our currency trading system. Q. Do you… Read more…

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