Lead Generation Made Easy

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Lead Generation Made Easy“The results were phenomenal! I mailed just 30 letters, didn’t make one follow up call, and made $3,600 in two weeks!”

Marketing and Lead Generation Secrets That Will Attract A Stampede Of New Business And Generate An Avalanche Of Hot Sales Leads!

When using promotional items as incentives to respond, four times as many people replied. When using promotional items as incentives to respond, cost-per-response was reduced by 66%.

Some of the most effective items are commonly used gadgets such as compasses, calculators, and even money!

You can use just about any promotional item on the planet. The only thing holding you back is your imagination, and your wallet.

Before we go any further, you should sign up for my free mini-course called “8 Amazing Prospecting and Marketing Secrets”. It will show you 8 proven tips and tricks that will help you get more new business faster and easier. It’s not a bunch of fluff and garbage you can’t use. You’ll get unique tips, secrets, suggestions, and success stories that will help you make more money. These unique techniques are revealed only in this course.

“The results were phenomenal! I mailed just 30 letters, didn’t make one follow up call, and made $3,600 in two weeks!” Matt Stracner San Diego, CA

Don’t worry — your email address will never be rented, traded or sold. Your e-mail address is not made available to anyone — period. Your complete confidentiality is guaranteed. By subscribing you will not receive a bunch of unwanted junk e-mail.

One of the greatest advertising legends once said, “A picture is worth a thousand words, but a mental picture is worth ten thousand pictures.”

If you create a mental picture in your customers mind of what your products and services will do for them you will trigger a buying frenzy!

Carefully chosen words that describe what your products and services will do for your customer will arouse them emotionally and put them in a buying state of mind. And if you do this properly, you’ll get more new business than you can handle.

The name “Atari” was chosen so customers who bought their products would think it was based in Japan. It was actually based in Northern California.

Now I am not saying that you should trick your customers with words. Not at all. But there are several “hidden lessons” behind this clever marketing idea. Two of the most important are…

Perception is everything in marketing. If your customer or prospect does not perceive your products or services to be better than the other guy down the street you are not going to generate leads or increase your sales.

Words are the most important and powerful force in marketing. Your goal in advertising is to get your prospects to take action and buy your products. And it’s the Words in your advertising that make this happen.

There are many reasons why Atari quickly dominated the gaming market. But a big part of it was because they chose a brilliant name that instantly increased the perceived value of their products.

Most of us don’t have the luck of discovering one word that will help us dominate an industry. But…

If one word can change the dynamics of your business and put wads of cash in your pocket, imagine what a well crafted sales letter or web… Read more…

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