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Launch « Find Your Passion NowDo you feel like you’re on someone else’s roller coaster? Are you living your life or are you living your job? Are you afraid it’s not enough? Are you worried it’s all going to disappear?

A few years ago, the unthinkable happened. I was fired. I had just finished a huge project. I’d made millions of dollars for my clients. Everyone was happy. And, boom fired. I was devastated.

I didn’t know what to do. Honestly, I didn’t want to go back to working a job that really didn’t make me happy. Oh let’s be honest……..made me miserable.

At the time though, I was a single mom, with a small child and a huge mortgage. I was completely lost. I had no support. I was ready to give up. One night, I laid on the floor and cried. And, when I finished crying, I cried again.

I was scared. Then the economy took a huge hit. The housing market began to tank, just as the stock market dove.

Was life really supposed to be this hard? I wanted to have fun. I wanted to enjoy life. I wanted to raise my daughter with love, laughter and joy……and of course financial security.

One night as I lay on the floor, tears streaming down my face, I said, “either let me leave the body tonight or make it easier. I just want to have fun. I can’t take it anymore. Somehow, this has to be over. Either I die tonight…..or if I wake up in the morning it has to be better. It has to be easier.”

Well….as you can see, I’m still here! That night, while I slept, I had several dreams and several messages. I listened to each one and while I was dreaming, I made myself remember the messages. The bottom line was that it can be easy and it can be fun.

You see, for almost 30 years, I had created tremendous success for my customers and clients. I’d made them a lot of money. Millions of dollars! I’d carefully crafted a combination of smart business tools and ancient spiritual truths and used them to do things like take one non-profit from a $56,000 annual budget….to $13 million! Or turn one company around, raising their income by 97 percent and boosting their bank account by 101 percent!

Is that you too? Do you go to work every day, giving your life to make money for someone else? Are you afraid you’re going to lose a job that maybe you don’t even like?

Are you afraid? I was. I was afraid to be broke. I was afraid that I couldn’t get a job. I was afraid that I would get a job…..and continue the misery.

What I heard that fateful night was a very clear message that all of those amazing tools that I’d used to rocket my clients to success, I could use for me. Why wasn’t I?

Well, for one thing, at some core level, I believed I wasn’t worth it. I believed I had to struggle. I believed I wasn’t good enough or deserving.

What was born out of that fateful night was this amazing program that you see below. It is the exact same tools that I have used over and… Read more…

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