Investing In Gold Wealth Blueprint

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Investing In Gold Wealth BlueprintMy gold investing blueprint shares everything you need to protect your money and turn market chaos into a GREAT WEALTH CREATING opportunity!

Gold prices are reaching new records almost every week. The price of physical gold is skyrocketing and those in the know have been raking in 30% and higher investment returns all while safely protected against a falling dollar. Take the guess work out of choosing the right gold stocks, coins or mining companies to be in. Walk in the footsteps of a seasoned gold investor that has been around the block and has been following all the players on the gold stage for over 30 years! Avoid the common mistakes of investing in gold that can cost you thousands right from the start!

Gold might climb to $1650 (R12 300) an ounce by early 2011 on demand for an investment to compete with the dollar and other currencies. The carry trade has dropped the dollar as a currency of choice, Jim Sinclair, CEO of Tanzanian Royalty quoted November 19. 2009

Gold will hit at least $2,172, and $100 silver is inevitable. Is it unreasonable to expect such returns? Those are not unprecedented numbers. In 1980, gold hit $850 and silver hit $50. If you adjust those numbers for inflation since then, the metals will not make new highs until $2,172 (gold) and $125 (silver). We sold gold at $750 and $35 respectively in 1980, just two weeks before the peak. Not the exact top, but close is good enough. We started at gold $120 and silver $2. Howard Ruff, The Ruff Times, September 20th, 2006 Ruff

Gold will make a new all-time (nominal) high reaching a price of $1,400 or more during 2009. A panicked flight to safety could push gold towards $2,000, although the central banks will dump gold on the market or make other attempts at suppressing the price advance. Jason Hamlin, GOLDSTOCKBULL Investment Strategies, on December 22nd, 2008

I’m not selling, because I think we’re starting another bull market. And this one is going to be much steeper and much quicker than the last one. I’m not a perma-bull on any asset class, but in this case I’m forced to go into the gold stocks. They’re the cheapest asset class out there, and the one with the highest potential” Doug Casey on the potential of gold stocks, February 2009, Casey Research

…at our big conference in the Yukon in August of 2005, I predicted, when the gold price was $436, that it was going to $3,000 to $5,000 per ounce, and I stand by that. Bill Murphy, of GATA 8/21/09 on HoweStreet

The Investing In Gold Record Profits Blueprint provides the step by step gameplan to get in the gold game with the mindset of a gold investing expert.

In an effort to provide the greatest value to you we are forced to limit the availability of the Record Profits BluePrint. We are unable to respond to the overwhelming email response and in order to maintain the level of excellence we demand we have decided to limit the availability. We apologize in advance if you have arrived after we have shut the doors on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Act now, due to the overwhelming response we will be raising the price of the Record Profits Blueprint

Stop letting huge profit opportunities pass you by. This is the real deal folks and if… Read more…

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