Investing For Realtors

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Investing For RealtorsThis Online Coaching Program is designed to help you stop working for clients and start working for yourself by earning up to 42 times your average real estate commission with less work.

If you choose to continue working with clients, following my advice could double or triple your listings and sales. As an Investor, you could make larger and faster profits, lower your risk, and increase your positive cash flow.

You’ll learn to become your own best client, so you’re in control and making the money you deserve, while having the time to enjoy it.

No more working long hours, being at the mercy of your clients, and making excuses to your loved ones. No more begging Sellers to let you list their property and taxi-ing around Buyers hoping they might buy one day. Not anymore, now you can be in control and close on deals that pay you many times more than you would have made in commissions, with less effort.

Most people, don’t know very much about real estate, trust-deeds, title, escrow, loans, etc. and it your job as a Realtor to know these things and be the expert. And with a couple changes to what you’re already doing, you can leverage your knowledge to help you make large sums of money that is many times more than an average commission and in this case more than some realtors make in a few years combined.

Their are many properties listed with realtors where the Seller and their agent don’t realize what they actually have. Their are more opportunities now than ever since a large number of properties for sale are owned by Lenders. This property was purchased from Bank of America and the Realtor is known for closing 200+ transactions per year (can you imagine the stress this agent must be going through? Why not do a few of these deals that are very profitable and take a lot less work?) It should seem like we have 2 very competent parties (BofA and this Realtor) and they should know that their was a major opportunity with this property. Their problem was that they only looked at what was there: an older home with a big yard. That’s not what I saw. They were shocked when I offered to pay $100,000 more than what they listed the property for, but as you just heard this deal was very profitable.

I never regret anything in life, but had I found this property a few months sooner, I could have bought it at the auction at a much lower price and made an additional $174,000. Such is life. Their have been multiple times where I realized doing things a little differently could have made me a lot more money. This is why its so important to learn things now so that when the opportunties show up you can take advantage of them in the best way possible.

This means you can get personal advice for your specific situation. And yes, that means you will get unlimited email support during the $1, first 4 weeks, promotion.

* I can only do this for the next 30 people who continue training, so I am going to remove this promotion very soon, maybe even later today.

Real Estate faster has no affiliation with the above mentioned companies, only the members of real estate… Read more…

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