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Intern Black BookI guarantee this is an opportunity you’re NOT taking advantage of now… but WILL BE in just a minute because it’s so brilliant (and easy).

Over the past year and a half (4 semesters), I’ve been building a relatively large online publishing business with products spanning across several different markets. In order to do it more quickly, I’ve hired others to do the design work, the technical work, market research and all the stuff I don’t want to do, or stuff I can’t do myself.

And in many cases, they’ve done better work than I can – and I’m pretty decent with that stuff.

And, oh yeah… I haven’t paid them one cent, and they’ve been HAPPY to do it for me (in fact, they almost always over-deliver).

That’s because even though I’m just a small business owner in my mid-20s, with no physical office…

Here’s the crazy part: IT’S NOT complicated at all to get interns. (For the full story behind how I first started using interns, click here…)

In fact, there’s less paperwork involved than if I were to just hire and pay a consultant or outsourced worker to do the same tasks for me!

It doesn’t matter how small your business is, even if it’s just you, I’m telling you, this is literally a GOLDMINE that you NEED to tap into.

This last spring, I had over 127 intern applications, hired 6 of those people and now they work for me 2-3 times a week for 4-8 hours at a time…

And here’s a modest estimate – I’ve probably received at least $30,000 in free labor in that time.

(**Results not typical – extremely skilled intern of ours was building a robust membership site)

…and I’ve been able to help out aspiring marketers/designers/technicians to get real world experience that, especially today, they’re DESPERATE to have on their resumes.

Heck, some of them just want to see the “insides” of an online business – and in these cases, you’re doing them a HUGE favor to have them work for you.

They get training and experience in web technology and marketing. A lot of students realize the value in knowing internet related skills.

They also get credit through their school and get an interesting internship where they can be involved in business operations instead of just copying sh*t all day (like I did when I was an intern way back).

Getting interns is a NO-BRAINER. There can be very little supervision necessary (if you manage everything correctly).

It’s easy, it’s FREE, and the work is coming from top university graduates – aka, the same quality you’d get from high-cost consultants.

You run the risk of getting crappy interns who do crappy work and only waste your time. It’s going to be the OPPOSITE of the dream I’ve been describing.

This is something that I have mastered into an ART… Exactly how to word the postings looking for interns, how to follow up with them, how to interview them, and how to manage them.

In fact, I’ve systemized the entire thing. The exact text of what to post, the exact text of what to email them, and the exact methods for training & getting them up to speed and working fast. Read more…

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