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Insider Gold Selling Secrets eBookURGENT MESSAGE for people who are looking to take advantage of gold’s current high price and sell their gold for top dollar…

Fact: The average offer price for gold from the vast majority of gold buyers is only 41% of your gold’s current market value… ONLY 41%! Many of them EVEN LESS!

“Would you like to discover the secrets to selling your gold quickly and easily for 90%+ of its current market value?”

Below are some very SUPRISING facts about the current gold market… and why you shouldn’t even THINK about selling your gold until you’ve read every word of this letter!

I’d like to start first by taking a moment to quickly congratulate you. If you are reading this, that means mostly likely you have not yet fallen victim to the literally THOUSANDS of gold buying sharks who are out there just waiting to RIP YOU OFF! You still have the opportunity to make a lot of money selling your gold!

As I’m sure you are well aware, the current instability of the world’s economic markets has prompted an unprecedented demand for gold right now in ALL FORMS. This has made having gold in your hand, literally like having hundred dollar bills in your hand right now …this is GREAT news for anyone with any amount of gold to sell!

Unfortunately, almost 79% of people who sell their gold with no knowledge of the gold market get less than half of what their gold is actual worth!

There are two reasons for this. The first of which, is that you can’t just take your gold to the bank and trade it for $100 bills. You are left with no option but to turn to “independent” gold buyers to sell your gold.

Over the past five years, these types of gold buyers have become very popular, and the number of them out there continues to skyrocket right along with the price of gold. Many of them are literally opening overnight! But unfortunately, with the rising number of these gold buyers also comes the rising number of scammers who are in fact looking to take advantage of you.

You see, these types of gold buyers make their money one way and one way only …on margin. Meaning the profit they make is based DIRECTLY on how little they can get YOU to sell them your gold for. I have found that many of them offer payout rates of only 10-25% of what your gold is actually worth and pocket 75-90% for themselves!

This combined with the NUMEROUS amount of consumer complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and found all over internet message boards; of reports ranging from people receiving payout checks of less than 5% of their gold’s actual value to outright fraud and theft… I can tell you that there is VERY GOOD REASON why so much controversy and speculation exists as to the legitimacy of these gold buyers as a whole.

In fact, the following is only one of the numerous and very common statements I have found posted all over internet consumer complaint websites:

“I too was scammed. I sent them over 30 pieces of gold which were worth quite a bit and also had sentimental value to me. I agonized over doing this but rationalized that since they were advertising… Read more…

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