Inkjet Cartridge Refilling Business

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Inkjet Cartridge Refilling BusinessStop Struggling To Find A Profitable Home Business! Here’s How To Become Your Own Boss In the Booming Computer Supplies Business…

Looking To Start a Home Business? Just Follow My Complete Manual And PRESTO… You’ve Just Created A Powerful, Money-Making Opportunity!

This whole business of my “Cartridge Refilling system” is really a story of how one guy with very little talent learned a simple method of refilling printer cartridges that allows him to work from home earning a great income.

It’s so simple you don’t need a store or expensive equipment! I really would love to tell you about all my formal cartridge remanufacturing training and education but, frankly, I don’t have any!!!

I’ve spent the last 5 years of my life developing this revolutionary home business system. I’ve made thousands of dollars selling my cartridges and now I want to share my trade secrets with you.

Why? Well, I could say, I just want to save the World and help everyone make money with their own home based business and, yes, that’s part of it. When you can show people how to make $200, $450 or even $600 in one weekend, it’s GREAT!

When people ask me why I would divulge these “secrets” to other potential competitors, I know they are really asking why I would train other people to compete for my business.

These people evidently haven’t done their homework, but I have. If my business grew 200% per year for the next twenty years I still would not be refilling more than 0.000001% of all the cartridges out there, which could be refilled.

Right now I am refilling over 2,000 cartridges per month and that represents only 0.00000002% of all cartridges, which could have been refilled. As I said before and I will say again, the size of the potential refilling market is huge and there is plenty of room for other people to enjoy the same opportunity. Since everyone wanted to know how I refill cartridges I just thought it was time to pass on some of these trade secrets and thought a comprehensive course manual would be great – a real win-win situation.

For many years I never told anyone any of my hard-earned trade secrets and I can tell you first hand that most professional cartridge remanufacturers rarely give out any worthwhile information on their methods – many of them take those trade secrets to their graves!!!

The final straw that persuaded me to develop this course was seeing the large franchise companies marketing their franchises to people for vast sums of money – up to $60,000!! And then having the audacity to demand a further 6% royalty on their turnover – that’s right not just on their profit but their turnover. My course will show you what these franchise companies offer for a fraction of the cost.

“You want to know what I think of your training manual ? It works, it’s worth ten times the price, the business is even easier and more profitable than you said it would be and calling my own shots and answering only to myself is a feeling like no other. What more can I say? Until you take the plunge and get into the business on your own, you won’t know what you’re missing.”

Profit margins from 500 to 1200%. A dollar’s worth of ink, plus your labor results… Read more…

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