How to Start a Daycare-The Ultimate Daycare Starter Kit

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How to Start a Daycare-The Ultimate Daycare Starter Kit“I’m in the process of starting a preschool, and I’m thrilled with the information I’ve received from Kris and her system. It has saved me TONS of time by not having to create forms from scratch. Why re-invent the wheel?” Amy Rosselli, Charlton, NY

“This program has a MASSIVE amount of information, and has made the process of starting a child care center so simple and straightforward. This is an unmatchable tool, and I especially like the audio interviews with experts. This product has given me resources that I would have never dreamed of. Thanks so much!” Anita Collatz, Baroda, MI

“I appreciate this System because it’s really helped me learn how to be more professional with prospective clients, and build my enrollment. It’s also helped me keep things more organized. Thanks, Kris!” Paula Arnold, Pleasanton, CA

“Starting a daycare is so much more than taking care of children. The Daycare Success System helped me set up and treat my daycare as a business, and I refer to this System often to keep me motivated, on track, and excited about my new business.” Julie Lyon, Colton, SD

“I ordered Kris’s system and within four weeks had applied for my daycare license. This system is very user-friendly and helpful in the initial steps of beginning a home child care business. It guided me through the steps of getting licensed. Even if you’re not sure if you want to get licensed right away, this course will still be very helpful to you.” Rebecca Kenworthy Princeton, Indiana

“I received the package yesterday and I’ve already read some of the material. This is going to be a tremendous help in making my day care business a great, great success!! I was actually looking for something like this and I was fortunate enough to choose your program. Thank you so much for the prompt feedback and support.” Satinder Kaur, Berlin, Maryland

“The Daycare Success System gave me a great start to build my home daycare business. There were things that I didn’t think about (insurance!) that Kris reminded me of. I was able to take advantage of my natural abilities to create a “niche” market. I feel more confident in my new venture with this wonderful tool. Thanks!” Andrea Morton, Lincoln, Nebraska

Do you dream of owning a child care business? Searching for a way to make enough money so you can stay home with your kids? If so, stop dreaming and read on…because what I’m about to tell you could literally change your life forever!

Here’s a great little secret…owning a daycare can be very profitable. The government allows you to write off many expenses you couldn’t otherwise, such as the cost of some of your food, and your house payment. This means you can pay less in taxes every year…or get a bigger tax REFUND! (Wouldn’t that be nice?)

The key to running a successful child care business is simply knowing the right success strategies! Knowing how to…

The Ultimate Daycare Starter Kit is everything you need for how to start a daycare and succeed, literally from DAY ONE.

What’s more, this is a proven system that has been around for nine years and has helped over 2,073 people successful start a daycare already. And to make it even better we… Read more…

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