How to Start a Computer Repair Business: Train Online in 48 Hours

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How to Start a Computer Repair Business: Train Online in 48 HoursYour talent for fixing computers will not make your business successful. FINDING CUSTOMERS–NOT FIXING COMPUTERS–IS THE REAL CHALLENGE. If you’re serious about starting a computer repair business, you MUST make an investment in an organized and actionable marketing plan so that your new business will be FOUND where customers are looking. Phone book ads, flyers, and cold calling DON’T work and waiting on “word of mouth” is agonizingly slow. The Internet is the new marketing battleground for computer repair businesses. Our startup system–the only one of its kind–will show you how to blitz the competition with 20+ inbound channels for securing new customers:

100% of your customers are on the Internet. That’s why they own a computer, right? Follow our directions and it’s almost impossible to NOT be found in your city:

These 7 electronic books, 6 videos, custom website, and custom Craigslist ad GUARANTEE your success as a new computer repair business.

There simply is not a more thorough and modern resource for starting a computer repair business in any bookstore, library, blog, website, or classroom. Make this investment now and you WILL NOT fail at the one task that sinks new businesses: failure to secure immediate customers.

New Module! 50 minute MP3 interview with Eli Jones, owner of WebTech Computer Repair (Biggest PC Repair Service in Brunswick, GA and ACRBO member)

1. Why start a computer repair business? First, the demand for computer repair is large, and continues to grow. More than 70% of Americans own computers. These computers become more complex every year, and their users depend on their computers for increasingly important tasks…average people now need regular computer repair services just like they need dentists, plumbers, and mechanics. Over $60 billion dollars is spent yearly on computer repair services. Second, a computer repair business requires virtually no startup capital. You will need some basic tools that you likely already have, but the most important asset of your business–the knowledge of how to repair computers that you’ve accumulated through years of experience–costs nothing. Finally, a computer repair service can be successfully run without a physical location. Mobile repair techs have the significant advantage of low overhead and a more convenient service for their customers. You can and will “steal” customers from the big repair stores because of your prices and convenience as an onsite service.

2. Am I a good candidate for a computer repair business? Does everyone call you when they have a computer problem? Have you had success fixing their problems? Do you have the patience to troubleshoot sometimes complicated technical issues? How many hours have you spent fixing your friends’ and family’s computers thinking…”if only I got paid for this.” Now is your chance to get paid, and paid well, for something you’ve been doing for free for too long.

3. I can perform some basic tasks like virus removal, RAM upgrades, reformat/reinstall, and tune ups, but there are some advanced repairs I’m not comfortable with. Can I still be successful at this? Yes! 85% of support calls are very simple: can’t print, set up a new computer, slow computer, or wireless router installations are all common. For jobs you don’t have full confidence for, here’s a tip: Google is your best friend. Bring a laptop to the customer’s location… Read more…

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