How to import a car from Japan

Introduction by ebook's author:

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How to import a car from JapanDo you want to own a unique Japanese sports car? Or any other car from Japan? Im going to help you import a car from Japan. It’s easy and you can get started in just a few minutes from now.

From the desk of Samual Kemp Professional Car Importer and creator of Dear car enthuasists, My name is Samual Kemp and I have been into importing cars from Japan for a number of years now. I love doing it and it brings in more money then my day job does. I’m here today to let you in the back door of the car importers world.

Have you ever just looked at the cars in japanese car auctions and thought “wow! that’s cheap… If only I knew how to get the car into my country…”? Here’s the scoop, Importing a car from japan is simple if you know how it all works. Why import a car rather then buy cars locally? The choice of cars is much much larger! – You can buy your car from private sellers in japan, from car auctions, from car yards and many other places such as Yahoo Auctions Japan. Save a ton of money by importing your next car from Japan – If you were to buy your Japanese car locally you would pay much more then importing it yourself. Be the first owner in your country – Own you car in your country before anybody else gets their grubby mitts on it. (This really is a great feeling) Buy and sell for profit – Making money on Japanese import cars is easy. Buy cars for cheap in Japan, import them and sell them for a profit in your country! It is easy to make huge profits if you import the car yourself. I personally made over $120,000 last year by doing exactly this. Let me show you how to do it! I have written 4 separate guides so you can import cars and sell them for massive profits. Learn how to import a car from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

All 4 guides will help you successfully import a car from Japan to your country. Whether you want to import a quality Japanese performance vehicle like a Skyline or Supra, or a family car like a Delta wagon, my guide will show you how. You will find out exactly how to import any car from Japan to your country for as cheap as possible. Each of my guides have their own countries customs and registration requirements, so you can be sure to import cars with no worries at all.

Car: 1990 BNR 32 Kms: 121xxxkms Mods: 3 inch exhaust CD/DVD player with touch screen TV otherwise completly stock standard

Hi Sam, I imported my first car! I recently became the owner of a beautiful R32 GTR. I have attached a couple of pictures of the car from when it was being inspected in Japan. I just thought I would say thank you for helping me with the whole import process. Thanks again, Daniel (Melbourne Australia)

All of this in step by step form means you can’t go wrong. ALSO, in the members area you will be able to search through thousands of cars that go to auction in Japan every day. All cars come… Read more…

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