How to buy silver & gold under spot

Introduction by ebook's author:

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How to buy silver & gold under spotLike many of you, I too decided a few months back it would be a good idea to start buying gold & silver in case of a large scale financial collapse. However like many Americans, I didn’t feel that at nearly $40 a ounce for gold and $1800 a ounce for silver, I could afford to save back anything significant.

So, over the next few months I developed my very own system for buying gold and silver significantly under spot. At first it was tough , but as time went on I became somewhat of a local bullion guru and now score gold and silver bullion for as little as 10% of spot. In fact, last week I bought several collections of silver coins for pennies on the dollar.

Now I do this at such a regular interval, I’ve decided to share my secrets with you. I can’t collect any more gold and silver as I’ve blown past all my goal and now have hundreds of ounces saved back for my children, and in case of emergencies, political unrest or economic turmoil.

All my neighbors have decided to get into silver and gold bullion now that I’m in it. Because of this it opens me up to the ability to continually ‘flip’ bullion I buy. I get it so often now that I could make bullion dealing my full time job, however I would much rather let everyone in on my secrets so you can start collecting it yourself.

How do I do it? It’s simple, I’ve developed 6 fool-proof methods for finding silver regularly in my home town. Even though it’s a small rural area, I can regularly find awesome deals. For instance, only a month ago I purchased 50 silver Kennedy half dollars for only a dollar each. Although not every single deal is spectacular as that specific one, I find them in such regular intervals, many deals are comparable.

So, how did I score that specific deal? I found a simple program online that scans various classified ad sections and sends me a email whenever it picks up on a local deal. From then on I can see if the deal is below spot, and if it is whether I want to take the deal or not. I can just about guarantee you that no one outside of those who have read this book know about this powerful method to find bullion below spot. This incredible method is just one of the 6 methods I use, and when you purchase the guide, I’ll show you where to download that classified ad program for FREE.

On top of that, I’ll also explain to you in detail how another investor and I scored over $35,000 worth of silver bullion for well under $18 per ounce! Don’t get stuck buying gold or silver at spot ever again, I promise you that on your first purchase you will save yourself many multiples of the cost of my book. The book is only twenty seven dollars, which will more than pay for itself on your first purchase under spot.

Ask yourself a question – How much would you pay for the ability to regularly buy silver or gold uner spot? Well, many people I know have paid literally thousands on courses in an attempt to learn how to do the very things… Read more…

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