How To Be A Supervisor

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How To Be A SupervisorWeeks, months, and sometimes years go by with no solid training or mentoring on the best practices of how to be a strong supervisor.

Managing employees doesn’t come naturally for most of us. You see, many well deserving people are hired or promoted into supervisor roles because they are very good technically.

But, being good at your day-to-day work doesn’t mean that you’ll be a confident and effective supervisor.

The truth is, the supervisory skills that your boss thinks that you have are skills that you are still very likely working towards developing and mastering.

What’s more, we don’t want others, (especially our boss and our employees), to know that we may be secretly uncomfortable or unsure of how to best:

Inappropriate hiring, firing, or even poorly handling simple workplace issues can expose you and your company to legal issues from current and past employees who feel that they are being treated unfairly.

The “How To Supervise” Guide is like having your own personal HR consultant leading you step-by-step through the best management practices for dealing with difficult workplace issues, hiring, firing, and more for less than 13 cents a day for one full year!

Get the eBook: How To Supervise: What Your Boss Never Told You Before You Took The Job (in PDF, Kindle, and Nook formats), today and you’ll receive…

One year membership to G5 Leadership webinars… Get New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling speakers live to your desktop every month for free for one full year! a $129 dollar value!

Exclusive Podcast Video: New Supervisor Survival Tips… this helpful video can only be obtained with your e-book purchase

7 of my podcast audios that you can download onto your computer or MP3 directly from your e-book including:

Don’t miss this opportunity to be proactive and build your supervisor skills so that you are ready for the employee management challenges that will inevitably come your way…

The eBook Guide, (in pdf, Kindle and Nook versions), 12 months of webinars with thought leaders in the area of leadership and Supervisor Tips Videos will give you the tools that you need to take a new approach to managing for less than 13 cents a day.

You Have 60 Days to decide whether the eBook, 12 month of Webinars, and Video did not help you to enhance or build your supervisory skills . If you are not completely satisfied, your money will be refunded – no questions asked!

2. After purchasing the Ebook, an email will be sent to you which will contain the download url. You will also be routed to a “Thank You” page which will contain the download link for the free podcast video (New Supervisor Survival Tips) and the link for your one year free membership to G5 Leadership. The download will take just about 2-3 minutes.

I have 20+ years of experience working with new and experienced managers at several major organizations in the Northeast. Read more…

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