Host a Home Purse Party – Start a Purse Party Business

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Host a Home Purse Party - Start a Purse Party BusinessIMPORTANT: Keep Reading to Learn How You Can Take Advantage of the Booming Purse Party Business and Finally Fire Your Boss!

When I decided to start my purse party business I searched everywhere for information to help me get started, then I found what I consider “the holy grail” of the purse party business Deborah Allison’s, Purse Party Profits. I can’t believe how much money I make part time. Sheila M. Kansas City, MO

If you’ve never heard of a purse party before, it’s a business that has actually been around for quite a few years. It’s business model follows the same format as traditional home party businesses but allows women to get together and have a relaxing time shopping in a party-like setting. Generally, when a woman hosts a purse party, she invites family, friends, co-workers and other acquaintances to her home. There, a consultant (you) will showcase merchandise consisting of purses, wallets and women’s fashion accessories. Guests are free to browse at their leisure and purchase any merchandise that catches their eye without feeling any pressure from pushy sales people. At the end of the purse party, the sales are totaled up and the hostess usually receives between 10% -20% of the sales in compensation which can be applied to her purchases. The rest of the money is yours.

4. Control – The fabulous thing about this particular business is that you can start part-time to add to your existing income or jump in with both feet make it your full time career.

5. Tax Advantages – Deduct gas, food, and any expenses related to your business. You can even declare part of your mortgage as a home office.

6. Builds Self-Esteem – There is nothing better than building self-esteem when you succeed because of your decisions and efforts.

7. Satisfaction – Working toward something and accomplishing it on your own gives you pride in yourself and it can’t be taken away.

Let’s face it … times are tough right now. People are losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet. If you’ve been thinking about starting a home based business, you have to sell products that people are going to buy no matter how bad the economy is. Think about it. Are you going to buy more expensive kitchen wares, gourmet foods & wines, crystal figurines etc. or would you rather buy a new purse? I rest my case. You know as well as I do, we all need to treat ourselves and buying a new purse is one way to do it. I’m not saying that we are going to go out and buy a $1,200 purse every month but we will spend a hundred or two on something that makes us feel good. A survey of shoppers several years ago found that the average thirty-year-old woman owns 21 handbags and buys a new one every three months. That quickly adds up to 111 over the course of her lifetime. There’s potential there to book a lot of purse parties! And there is potential to make a lot of money with this type of business!

After attending my first purse party I knew right away that I wanted to give it a try. I’d been looking at starting a home base business to add to my income. Purse Party Profits showed me step by… Read more…

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