Hospitality Management Tips – Successful Bar Secrets

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Hospitality Management Tips - Successful Bar SecretsBy signing up you agree to the E-Course Disclaimer. Your privacy is safe.You’ll never receive spam and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Then it’s important you spend a few moments reading this web page as I reveal secrets of some of the most successful establishments…

You work hard. You’ve invested time and money in your bar, pub, nightclub, or restaurant. It’s your passion…your baby.

I’m a professional bartender, waiter, and venue manager. I’m a veteran of the hospitality business and I’ve pretty much seen it all…the good, the bad, and the (very) ugly.

I’m passionate about small business management and I have a passion for optimizing customer service, productivity and profitability techniques.

My career has taken me to some extremely well-run and profitable bars, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs.

I also worked in some poorly run places. The difference between the ‘winners’ and the ‘also-rans’ has always fascinated me.

- Success is not an accident. – Systems must be in place. – Every employee understands the business and their role in it. – Any venue of any size can be highly profitable.

Look – I know how challenging it can be to own and run a bar or restaurant. It’s tough. You have to wear many hats. Early in my career I was willing to put in the 80 hour weeks (because I was single…) but I soon started to get burned out. I wanted to work sensible hours…especially when I settled down.

So…based on my experience, I put together my own management manual I’ve titled Successful Bar Secrets.

- Minimize the time spent running the business, – Spend plenty of time with friends and family, – Find and keep the top bartenders and staff, – Replace chaos with consistency, – Make marketing a lot easier, – Get deals from suppliers, – Create sanity in my life, – Reduce drink costs, – Reduce food costs,

- 256 proven tips to help you run your establishment more profitably. – 20 Chapters covering everything from building a shining reputation to reducing beer spillage. – The extra option of an Operations Manual Template (containing over 40 customizable checklists) that will bring organization and consistency to your establishment.

The E-book focuses on bars, pubs, clubs etc. however these strategies can be applied to any division of the hospitality industry. Successful Bar Secrets pivots around the discussion of three main elements: – Customer Service, – Productivity, and – Profitability.

Successful Bar Secrets also identifies and discusses physical and non-physical elements that can be modified and therefore optimised in any venue to assist in its improvement. The E-Book also touches on consumer psychology and elaborates on the importance of establishing emotional connections between a venue and its staff, and a venue and its customers.

Successful Bar Secrets elaborates on the importance of the ‘wow’ factor and also the power of ‘association’.

All documents (excluding the Operations Manual Template Pack) are presented in Adobe® Acrobat® format. The Adobe® Acrobat® reader can be downloaded from

Methods of thinking that may assist in the optimisation of profitable practices, broad customer service ‘dimensions’ and the internal organisation of a venue

Successful Bar Secrets also has the optional extra of a fully customisable ‘Operations Manual Template Pack’, which includes 43 customisable Microsoft® Word documents… Read more…

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