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Homes Without PaymentsIs it time to sell your duplex or other multifamily? Are you ready to move in to a regular house and (ugh) make mortgage payments yourself? Maybe you want to sell to raise cash and start putting the money into other investments. Whatever the reason for selling your duplex, you may need to go beyond just putting it on the MLS and listing with a realtor, especially in this economy.

I was looking through my emails tonight and noticed that the weekly e-newsletter from biggerpockets and noticed an article on the ‘Perfect Craigslist Ad’. Since I do nearly all of my advertising on craigslist, I was very intrigued. Here is the video:

Last month I went to my local REIA meeting to hear national speaker Andy Heller come and give a talk on lease options. He and his partner Scott Frank have been buying houses and then selling them on lease options for ‘maximum profits’. You can read more on Andy’s website called Regular Riches.

The real reason we are in this real estate game is to create wealth. Well what if you could receive cash payments from your rental properties without the hassle of being a landlord? Just go out to your mailbox each month, open envelopes with checks in them and cash them at the bank? No broken plumbing, no advertising for tenants, no dealing with tenant complaints…sound good? You bet it does. Well here’s how…

I had a conversation on the phone the other day with Marc Faulkner of Creative Funding Service. The audio of the phone call can be found below. Marc is a note broker. What that means is that Marc buys and sells mortgages to private individuals and financial institutions, many times at a discount. Basically he helps you become the bank, not the landlord.

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I subscribe to the City of Minneapolis website in order to find out the latest on new rules and regulations. The other day, the City sent me this email:

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Posted in Advertising for Tenants – Tagged Duplex, duplex for rent, how to increase rents, rent a duplex

While searching around for other real estate websites that might make my life easier, I came across ‘’. This website seems like a pretty good website for people looking for properties. Also it would be a good resource for people wanting to sell their property because it would give them an idea of what they might be able to price it for.

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“Hal Cranmer is an accomplished real estate investor specializing in single family homes and duplexes. He has owned 8 properties, flipped 2 of them – both for handsome profits, and rents out the rest for a nice extra income per month. He is not a big investment guru, but an average… Read more…

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