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Goldnet Referral MarketingDr Ivan Misner PHD, Founder of BNI, the world’s largest and most successful referral network. “Word-of-mouth marketing is the world’s most effective, yet least understood marketing strategy. There is a wealth of untapped, potential business that can be generated simply by implementing a successful referral marketing plan, and any business owner who feels clueless as to how to begin this process needs only to read The Power of Referral Marketing. Vince Golder’s advice is straightforward and easy to understand, and he offers business owners everywhere a simple, practical and proven model on which anybody can build a thriving and consistent referral based business. I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning how applying a basic referral marketing strategy can make a powerful difference in the success of their business” Ivan R. Misner, PhD., Founder & Chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization

Brian Smith, who devised the very successful and famous AIRMILES incentive concept, MD of Escalator Marketing with over 40 successful years of marketing experience states: “Vince Golder’s referral marketing model is one of the most exciting new marketing concepts I’ve seen for many years and it’s the next big marketing change that businesses will need to address. It offers simple and very innovative means of combining and using proven, successful methods of customer care, people skills, marketing systems, incentives etc., which produces high results for nil or little cost for any type or size of business. Very highly recommended…” Brian Smith, Escalator Marketing

Andy is one of the most successful business networking experts in the UK “Vince knows a huge amount about Joint Ventures and how to make the most of them. He is also a giant when it comes to referrals strategy and developing strong networks. Vince always looks for new opportunities…and not just for himself.” Andy Lopata

Mike, is one of the top sales and marketing trainers in the UK Dear Vince, I would like to thank you for the comprehensive, educational and valuable seminar you presented today on Referral Marketing. The subject is far broader than I realised and your experience and knowledge of the subject manner was most impressive. The opportunity from this methodology is huge, with all the associated benefits of time and cost saving along with a far greater response and conversion rates. I will be pleased to recommend my clients to you and also to act as a reference for you in the future. Mike Preston Managing Director Prismea Consulting Ltd

Azuil is one of the top business academics in Portugal As National Director with the Quantum Organization, I support several Quantum marketing consultants in Portugal. Vince Golder offered all Quantum consultants an incredible insight into the powerful aspects of referral marketing. Vince’s training workshops and manual on referral marketing were very popular with all Portuguese consultants, all of whom stated how they greatly benefited from the referral ideas and strategies that Vince shared with them. Having spent some time with Vince this year I can state how I find his views on referral marketing inspiring and very exciting and will certainly be using some of Vince’s ideas for our own marketing programme and for our clients as well. Using one of Vince’s own case studies as a template for a proposal, we were very successful… Read more…

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