Gold Newsletter – USA & Canadian Gold ETF Trading Strategies and Signals

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Gold Newsletter - USA & Canadian Gold ETF Trading Strategies and SignalsThis is a comprehensive “look over my shoulder” recommendation service, meaning you get to know the trades I’m actually trading. While placing such trades, I also walk subscribers through the entire process from entry to the eventual exit, keeping things as simple as possible for even the more novice traders. If you have a question, no problem- send me an email and can quickly address any of your trading questions.

I have been actively fine tuning my trading strategy year after year improving the timing, entry and exit points as the market evolves. I trade two different trading strategies depending on the market conditions. During a trending market I focus more on swing trading for big gains of 3-50%. But during volatile times my goal is to play short term overbought and oversold market sentiment levels grabbing 1-2% here and there. This is what makes my trading strategy unique and profitable over the long run, not to mention Extremely Accurate. I consider this service a complete trading experience from education to money management, to profitable trades.

Several big plays should unfold in in 2011 and 2012 and I am looking at the SP500, DOW, Precious Metals, Oil, US Dollar, Bonds and Emerging Markets. I also cover sector ETFs when opportunities present themselves.

As a loyal subscriber you will learn to understand the market and how manage positions. My proven trading strategy becomes very CLEAR and SIMPLE to execute. The daily pre-market videos and daily updates are there to help the more aggressive trader take advantage of smaller moves on their own, while providing education to novice traders. This constant support eliminates your emotions making trading a fun experience.

When looking at charts I tend to jump between different time frames in order to get a solid understanding of the trends in place along with support and resistance levels. The time frames I use on the charts will range from the weekly all the way down to the 1 minute chart..

I highly recommend that you focus on paper trading the alerts for several week prior to making any live trades in order to familiarize yourself with how quickly the market can move and to get a solid understanding of my trading setups and money management style.

I strongly believe that short-term swing trading (trade length 5-60 days) allows us to take advantage of very large price movements in the market by trading with the trend. These short term trends are too small for most fund managers to take advantage of and, at the same time, too lengthy for day traders. This time frame offers exciting opportunities for those who can take advantage of them like us!

Identifies short term bottoms or tops while providing the best risk/reward scenarios during a sideways or choppy market conditions. Recognizing the current market trend whether it is up, down or sideways is crucial to a trader’s success and part of what I do within this service.

Using key support and resistance levels along with extreme short term market sentiment readings plays a critical roll in identifing short-term pivot points lasting 1-5 days. This allows us to quickly take advantage of high probability opportunities on a regular basis.

Gold & Silver – GLD, SLV Gold Stocks – GDX Crude Oil – USO Natural Gas – UNG Index Trading… Read more…

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