Forex Trading System – Super Forex System

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Forex Trading System - Super Forex SystemNew: Veteran trader puts his reputation on the line telling you exactly what you need to make thousands of dollars in the Forex Market…

It appears that we’re living in the robots era, and that you just can’t lose money with them… You don’t even need to do anything… Just install them and leave your computer on (in some cases). Well, if that was true, if there’s so many people selling these robots and telling you how Forex is easy, shouldn’t they be just resting, sleeping, travelling or simply enjoying life? Why would they want to make a sale so badly?!

There’s so much hype nowadays that I find very hard and difficult to really know exactly what to expect when I buy a Forex product. They all seem to do wonders but the fact is 95% of all Forex traders lose money… And part of it goes to this lousy products, sold solely by professional marketers…

When I first started in Forex (I already had experience in stocks, futures and options), I tried to read all that I could so that I could understand this market. I searched all over the Internet and read almost all the free resources available… But they were so damn poor that I had to invest my money to buy forex courses, systems, ebooks and even automated systems. And so I did… One course this month, one ebook on the next, and so on…

I must tell you that, honestly, I have learned something with all the material I bought. I learned about the Forex market history, indicators to use, charting packages to use… All crap! I wasn’t a beginner in trading; I was only a beginner in Forex… When I tested the robots, well, the experience wasn’t much better. I kept changing the inputs, the currency pairs, the time frames, tests after tests after tests, and nothing seemed to give me a good and consistent return…

I needed something that could give me an edge in this market. So, I started on my own. I analyzed charts plus charts plus charts, several indicators – one at the time or several at the same time -, kept track of the news releases to see how they affected the market, I even studied each currency pair deeply. Well, as people usually say: Keep it simple! That’s my main conclusion from this long period that I spent understanding the Forex market. Keep reading and I’ll show you why…

After this long period, I discovered some interesting facts and put them into action. What better thing to do this than opening a free forex demo account… That’s exactly what I did.

I saw that to be successful I had to keep it simple and look at the details. And, it took me a while to finally get it… But I finally did… And when I did…

“I hate spam as much as you. So be sure that I will never sell, rent or share your email with anyone.”

I have always enjoyed to invest in the stock market. I hold some stocks for years, other for weeks or just days. You just need to know what you are investing in.

That’s exactly what happens in the Forex market. There are some occasions that you feel like you have… Read more…

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