Forex Pip Fishing™ – A Forex System For Catching Pips All Day Long

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Forex Pip Fishing™ - A Forex System For Catching Pips All Day LongI’m just like you – I’m not into hype or unrealistic claims when I discover a new Forex system.

What I do like is finding out that every new system I try is never as good as my own system. I trade my current system every day. It works and I’m happy with it.

Everything else I see out there is either too complicated or is simply not profitable enough for me. I know you probably get a new Forex system arriving in your email inbox every day (so do I!) – but give me less than 60 seconds and…

I’m not some “guru” or anything like that. I’m just like you – but with a difference…

Once I started trading a system where I didn’t have to think about my trading – and just waited for my system to tell me when to trade – that’s when I finally started pulling in big pips! Remember…

So you’re probably wondering why I would put my system into writing for others to trade? This is very easy for me to answer.

Like I said, my system is very easy and requires very little of my time, so I have lots of time to read all the garbage Forex products that land in my email inbox.

The nonsense that I see supposed “traders” trying to sell you is unreal. I mean, it’s no wonder that you’re struggling to make money. I’m not going to lie to you and say that it “it makes me so angry” – that truth is, it doesn’t.

If traders want to believe the ridiculous stuff that they receive in the email inboxes – that’s fine. It’s of no concern to me.

However, if you’ve read this far through my website, you’re probably a little different to most traders.

Like I said, I’ve taken the time to put my system into words for you to access. I’ll tell you how to access it in a minute – but first I want to tell you more about it.

There is absolutely no reason why I should share it with others (hey, at least I’m being honest here!). But, as I’ve already mentioned, it’s hard for me to watch in disbelief as your email inbox is filled with utter garbage.

Each day I trade my system, I appreciate how simple it is, and how little time and effort is required. You’ve read what I’ve had to say this far, you’ve trusted me, so now I will put my trust in you.

The system I want to reveal to you is my personal system. I like to go fishing in my spare time, so I called my system Forex Pip Fishing:

I want to tell you a few things about my Forex Pip Fishing system and how I trade it. One of the most significant things about my system is that I have absolute confidence in it. You will also…

I can say this because I’ve traded it for years. I have the experience to say this with some authority.

Like I said, I see the products that other so called “traders” try to sell you. It’s impossible to have confidence in those crazy, over-hyped and downright ridiculous systems! Read more…

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