Foreclosures and Flips – Flip Houses by Assigning, Fixing – Foreclosure Flip House

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Foreclosures and Flips - Flip Houses by Assigning, Fixing - Foreclosure Flip HouseHow-To Flip Houses For BIG PROFITS! A Step-By-Step Manual For Beginner Investors. How To Make Money While Avoiding Losses… From The MIND Of An Investor & Certified and REO Appraising Expert… Who Has Literally Valued HUNDREDS Of MILLIONS In Homes…

For nearly a decade, I have been valuing foreclosures for top lending institutions. For this reason, I have become a foreclosure expert. In addition, I have been flipping foreclosures for the past years. I can teach you how to create your own foreclosure business even without experience. No, it won’t happen overnight but it can happen very quickly if you take action. If you buy the manual and focus on the instructions, you can generate huge profits!

I know first hand why some individuals become incredibly successful while others fail miserably in real estate investing. I also know that you have probably been confused and overwhelmed by infomercials, free seminars and other products on the internet offering real estate riches. I know this because I have been in your shoes and been on a quest for a proven system for nearly a decade!

If you are serious about making money in any business, one thing is certain. You need to find a quality product, study it and then apply it. You must stay focused and not allow yourself to stray from it. Do not look at any other products until you have given yourself a fair amount of time to study the product fully.

Too many honest people are overpaying for products and then being upsold to higher priced products before studying the initial product they purchased. Study it fully and then apply it to achieve success!

Before I continue with what I can do for you, let me give you some solid reasons why you should believe in me and my manual.

1) I was a practicing Certified Real Estate Appraiser, firm owner, real estate investor for nearly a decade.

2) For nearly a decade I have been known for appraising REO properties, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, investment and distressed properties for top lending institutions.

3) I have examples on this website of homes I personally completed with checks attached from title companies made out in my name “Jeff Knize”.

4) I have never been under review or investigated for my appraisal practice or real estate investing. I practice business in a legal and ethical manner. I am obligated to attend yearly continuing education courses to uphold my Certification.

5) I am not trying to sell you my manual in an attempt to upsell you at the end of my manual (although I may inform you of products that may be useful).

6) I have been a business owner for nearly a decade with a proven track record and credentials to back me up. I literally have hundreds of business owners that would tell you that I am an honest and ethical individual. This list of professionals include: bankers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, appraisers (that I have trained) attorneys and many other business owners. I also have testimonials on my website to back this up!

I personally want to continue helping as many people as I can to understand the correct way to value property in order to make huge piles of CASH! You don’t need to spend thousands to learn! I even wrote a special bonus… Read more…

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