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Introduction by ebook's author:

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Forecast For Tomorrow - Newsletter Subscription!Hopefully this page has reached you in time, as there is an important message I wish to share with you.

The US empire has finally come to an end. It is collapsing financially. While it will put up a good fight, it’s a matter of time before things turn even more sour. The laws of ’cause and effect’ prove that this is going to affect the rest of the world as you may have noticed by now.

Foreclosures are skyrocketing, people are losing jobs, their pensions funds, corporate companies are going bankrupt, the stockmarket is collapsing….

Let’s halt there for just a minute, before we head down the ‘doom and gloom’ trail let’s realise two important facts :-

While others see the doom and panic, we see this as one of the best times to create the most abundant opportunities for yourself and your loved ones. YES! You probably think I’m crazy about now, and that’s ok…

But, go back and study rich and successful people, in times gone by. Even the smart men and women who made it ‘big’ during the last ‘Great Depression’.

They simply knew how to tap into this powerful information of repeating patterns and acted according.

Remember this saying “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!” Nothing can be more further from the truth. But It’s what you do with this knowledge that makes it even more powerful!

Once you open your eyes, and realise the powerful information available to you, you will instantly see the many doors of opportunities start knocking, ones you never even thought existed.

We have a special Newsletter service available to those that wish obtain the KNOWLEDGE needed to stay on top of things, financially, emotionally and intelligently. We engage in prolific studies of important events gone by, and are able to accurately forecast possibilities of new or futures events and trends occurring down the track and offer warnings.

In fact, just so you know how precise and accurate this newsletter is, here’s just a small sample of our previous forecasts…

“I have been following John for years now and can see why he has such a large audience! Simply amazing….thanks so much for your hard work!” Janye B. Houston.

“I can recommend this service to those that want to stay ahead of the main crowd. This guy defiantly knows what he is talking about!” Dave M. Toronto, Canada.

“Lots of hits with this stuff, and his forecasts are always very interesting & accurate! Definitely something for everyone here!” Trinity G. Hamilton NZ.

“The information provided here is quite mesmerizing! I can’t wait for the next lot of updates! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart! ” Gregory L. California, US.

“You are a life saver! We would have lost over $200, 000 in the market if we listened to our broker! My Husband and I cannot thankyou enough! ” Natalie Z. Alaska, US.

“Where have you been! I wish I found your service many years ago. Our family always looks forward to your updates. It’s uncanny how accurate you are! ” Luke J. Ica, Peru.

“John, Your service, support & help is second to none. I am always amazed! Thanks for all your hard work! Awesome….Keep up the good work ” Deborah P. Leeds, UK

“I feel like I am always a step ahead of the crowd John! Thankyou… Read more…

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