flipping houses 101: real estate investing flipping houses no realtor required

Introduction by ebook's author:

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flipping houses 101: real estate investing flipping houses no realtor requiredNow, I’m creating and “Flipping” Wellness Homes for my Nikken business and I couldn’t be happier or more successful!”

Afterall, isn’t that what we ALL do in our day jobs? We make the boss look good and the company look great all while we trade hours for dollars (or hours for pocket change in some cases…)

So, I decided that I should begin investing in Real Estate myself (other than my primary residence, that is…) You’re probably saying to yourself…well, why didn’t you do that all along?

Excellent question! Afterall, I supposedly had access to all of the “inside deals” at my fingertips…right? Ba-loney! You know as well as I do, that most of the time, by the time a property is listed and goes into the MLS, it’s too late to get it at a bargain!

I mean, think about it…if you only have ONE property and for some reason you have to “cut and run” because you’ve been laid off or worse, you won’t have a roof over your head anymore. You’d be left homeless Right?

Any financial advisor that’s worth their salt will suggest that if you do nothing else, you need to “diversify your portfolio” (the fancy phrase for not putting all your eggs in one basket…) Right?

Or get rid of them quickly to take that luxury vacation you’ve always dreamed of but could never afford. The point is…

So! What did I do you ask!? Well, the first thing I did was I spent about $12,000 on seminars to find out everything I’ve known as a REALTOR for years—the math, the ads, the odds, the process—

If I’d have just listened to my inner strengths, I could’ve saved a boat load of cash for my investments. Yep, I could’ve had another property or two for what I spent going to class, but it was important to me to invest in my education…

And! I will have to say that I met some great people attending classes, learned some tips and tricks and brushed up on my organizational skills! I’ve since tested my ads, ran concurrent marketing strategies to generate leads, created a business name, incorporated, printed business materials, developed a website, etc…etc…etc….

So, did it all work? Of course not at first… Did I make a whole bunch of great investments! Heck yea! But did I NEED to do all of the work that I did? Heck no!

So am I! And I’ll reveal how to run an ethical business with full-disclosure from the word go. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I still help others find deals all day, every day with the MLS.

What’s in Flipping Houses 101… is how investors find deals and how I am completely honest with my sellers about the fact that I’m a licensed agent.

If I had kept to the K.I.S.S. Principle: Keep It Simple Silly [don't like calling myself "stupid"... after all, I HAVE Succeeded!! ] I could’ve saved thousands in marketing dollars, time, energy and frustration.

So now that you know how much I have invested in my future, will you have to drop that kind of money? Absolutely Not! I’ve done the legwork, from New York to Georgia, California to Ohio to Michigan and on, and on… Read more…

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