Fixer Upper Start Up Kit

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Fixer Upper Start Up KitI want to share with you a simple solution that can change your future from one of financial insecurity to financial independence. Just owning one or two rental houses can make the difference between eeking out an existence and living comfortably.

My Fixer Upper and Rental House Start Up Kit will teach you how to start your own business buying fixer-upper houses and turning them into rental houses.

The great advantage of this business is that you can start and operate your fixer-upper house business in your spare time.

I first met Terry in 2002 when he took my class on real estate investing at Pima College in Tucson, Arizona. Due to their systematic approach to real estate investing, he and Angy have accumulated more in a few short years than the average person is able to save in a lifetime.

Sprouse has a zen-like approach to fixing up and renting out homes–start slowly and enjoy the journey (even when it is difficult).

Buy houses below market value because they’re in need of repair. Spend time repairing them as inexpensively as possible, then rent them out for a positive cash flow. And if your family lives there until it’s rented, you don’t have to pay a second mortgage and you can take advantage of the tax laws.

What is the value of your time? If it’s worth even $20 an hour, then The Fixer Upper and Rental House Start Up Kit will save you a fortune. I have spent over 8 years in the trenches, learning how to operate a part-time business that will provide you with a steady source of income, even during a recession.

This recording takes you though the steps you need to know to get going including identifying target neighborhoods, doing due diligence, paying for rental properties, how to do taxes.

Tenant issues are what detour many people from this business, but follow the time tested techniques that I use and you will find that managing tenants is a lot easier than you thought.

I did not start this business with many repair skills. But I learned as I went along, and you can too.

#4 Workbook, Contracts and Documents (in PDF and RTF formats – so you can modify the contracts)

The course includes a 14-page workbook, basic contracts and other real estate documents to get you started in your new business.

My materials include the nuts and bolts you will need to run your business. You receive a form to screen tenants, application forms for tenants, eviction notices, sample letters to tenants, tables that allow you to calculate how much your monthly payments will be when purchasing a house — these are the forms that I use in my own business.

Bonus #2 – “Never Sell Your Home: How to Turn Your Home into a Rental House” e-book.

Your Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If, within 30 days,you are not satisfied with the Fixer Upper and Rental House Starter Kit, you may request a 100% refund – no questions asked. Read more…

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