Fitness Business Forms – Business Forms for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals

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Fitness Business Forms - Business Forms for Personal Trainers and Fitness ProfessionalsThe Fitness Pro’s Deluxe Forms Kit provides you with ALL of the forms necessary to run your business.

Are you a newly Certified Personal Trainer? Maybe you’ve made the decision to leave the gym and begin your own Personal Training Business? Whatever your situation, if you’re working with clients on a regular basis, you need these forms to run your business. Check out some samples to the right and then scroll down for more details.

The industry standard. A critical step in identifying any big red flags that should be discussed before proceeding further with a client. You’ll use this form with every client.

You need to adequately protect yourself. Beginning an exercise program carries risks, such as injury, abnormal blood pressure, heartbeat irregularity, heart attack, and in rare cases death. Your clients must be made aware of this and sign this form to verify that they are aware of the risks, assume them, and release you and your business from liability. Multiple versions for you to choose from.

If a potential client presents any medical condition that could be adversely affected by a fitness program, you MUST have them get a medical clearance before working with them. Of course, getting a doctor to write a letter can be a hassle for the client. This form makes it easy for them AND for you.

Are you an in-home trainer? If so, you need a form that specifically states that the client is responsible for anything happening to them as a result of the use of their premises, home, or equipment, in addition to all of the standard clauses in a personal training waiver form.

Understanding a person’s medical history, as well as family medical history, is critical when designing an exercise program. This form gives you the details you need, including background on illnesses, medications, surgeries, injuries, family history, and more.

Discover your client’s nutrition habits along with their exercise history and current activity levels. The form also has the client rank their specific goals, and determines what sort of exercise frequency and duration will fit into their lifestyle so you can better design a program that works for your client.

Do you offer any sort of online personal training service? Think you might in the future? Then, just like with your in-person clients, you need the proper paperwork to protect yourself and your business. We’ve included a Waiver form tailored specifically to online training clients.

You choice of exercises to include in a fitness program is influenced by a client’s posture, imbalances, weaknesses, and baseline strength and endurance. This form will guide you through a thorough assessment to determine your client’s status in these areas, allowing you to design an appropriate training program for them.

We all know that body composition is a much more important measurement than weight alone. If you are using calipers and skinfold measurements to determine body fat percentages, this worksheet is a handy way to track them.

Categorized by age and sex, these tables will give you a clear picture of how close a client is to the ideal for any age range.

If you are taking girth and circumference measurements with clients, this worksheet will allow you to easily track progress over time. A perfect way to keep clients motivated. Read more…

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