Find out Optimal Stop Loss value of any Zulutrade Signal Provider!

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Find out Optimal Stop Loss value of any Zulutrade Signal Provider!As some of you might already know, ZuluTrade is the best automated platform for Currency exchange or to autotrade Forex trading. Here you can choose among the many Signal Provider experts about Forex and choose to take their forex system or signals and convert it to Live trades autotrade’s on your online trading Account.

In fact it is much more than just a FREE Forex trading service; traders are invited to submit their trading systems, which are then verified to provide you with the full trading picture for each system traded. So you get to see the losers and drawdown’s, and not just the wins.

This then allows you the trader or potential trader to make an informed decision about foreign exchange based on facts, not hype and false promises. You simply pick one or more trading systems from the hundreds that are available about Forex to automatically trade the signals given in order to gain a profit from online trading forex system.

In simple language the service provided by can be best understood as a hub between foreign exchange or Forex trading account holders and Forex signal providers which can use the forex system to engage in a form of Automated Forex trading.

To help you choose, there is a detailed performance analysis of each forex system including how many pips profit they’ve made, the profit total to date, the average pips per trade, the currency rates they sold each position at, the average time per trade, the win ratio, the maximum draw-down, how long the system has been running and how many other users are subscribed to the system. There is also a graphic of each systems equity curve so you can find those systems that have nice upward trends.

You control which signal providers to use to autotrade with the lot sizes and it will automatically trade the forex system in your online trading Forex account when the signals are provided. You can set your own stop losses and limit profit currency rates settings for each signal provider trading on your behalf.

“The Traders Are Not Trading Your Forex Account, But Instead you Are Trading Currency By Modifying His Forex System Signals To Autotrade Profitably For Your Account”

Many traders believe the highest priority in currency exchange or Forex trade is to make profits. In fact, that’s actually the second priority. The single highest priority in trading currency in any forex system is to “Protect Your Capital”. Always remember that.

In the Forex market the easiest way for a trader to lose capital is by holding on to losing positions. Forex traders who understand the importance of risk management and trading discipline usually understand the importance of protecting and preserving their capital via stop losses.

Currency exchange or trading the Forex without using stop-losses is like swinging on a trapeze without a safety net. Sure, you can make a few successful swings, but one miss and that’s the end of story. When you forex trade without using stop-losses, all it takes is one catastrophic losing trade to blow up your trading account.

Same way in Zulutrade, you simply cannot add any signal provider and choose to take all his forex trade signals into your online trading account without any Stop Losses. If you do that, you will… Read more…

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